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    Press going after Gabapentin now 
    Too tired right now to express my thoughts on this, other than how disugsted I am by the ignorance expressed by this author, maybe he should do a little more research before writing shit like this when he is on a platform which garners him as much influence as Stateline and The Huffington Post(who also ran the article) does. I feel like I would be preaching to the choir anyways. Maybe when I have a day off I will try to get his email address and correct some of these falsehoods and give him a little more insight into how Gabapentin is actually employed by drug addicts and the amount of damage he could be doing by demonizing it.

    I swear, if this continues and makes a gabapentin script harder to get, especially for those struggling with opioid addiction...
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    It's absolutely ridiculous the media is pushing this trash on to the public. Gabapentin is only abusable if you take a ridiculous amount in my experience. I am prescribed gabapentin and the only complaint I have is coming off of it after being on it a while is hell for a large group of people. I take it for It's anticonvulsive benefits to deal with epilepsy. Not only is it a godsend to opiate addicts but benzo addicts as well. With this being labeled as a recreational drug not only will it be difficult to get a prescription but it will no longer be easily obtainable on the clear net from online pharmacies.
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    journalists are people that don't know a goddamn thing, writing about those things instead of an expert that should be. Unfortunately people believe them.
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