Thread: Tale of the Crystal Turd ......... (0.2g)tar heroin+(0.1g)BHO+about(0.3g)meth crushed

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    Tale of the Crystal Turd ......... (0.2g)tar heroin+(0.1g)BHO+about(0.3g)meth crushed 
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    I call it the trifecta........ Start preparing for a dab but first stick some BLK-Tar or W-china at the tip, then roll the hash oil around it, and last but not least crush up some crystal and roll what you already have in that. By now your dabber is good to go. Place near rim of hole, press down and inhale as soon as smoke appears , and keep inhaling while rubbing stick back and fourth around rim of dabb bowl. Inhale and exhale when lungs get to full but keep going till the last inhale and hold it for as long as you can. ⚠ [WARNING] ⚠ Should be supervised while attempting this. Advanced /Experienced educated individuals recommended. And boy do I recommend it atleast once in your life (cough) (cough) only for purpose of scientific study(cough)
    It felt like I was moving at the speed of thought and thinking at the speed of "plaid" (spaceballs) . The last exhale created a cold sweat and a warm fuzziness. Thought I'd share my experience with the community. Thank you for excepting me in to this community. Hope you all enjoy
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