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    Xanax heroin and molly 
    A little background information about me. I'm 29 and have been prescribed 2 xanax bars a day so I don't get feel them like someone who would take them every so often and been taking boy everyday for 5 years, I'm a snorter and usually do 1 g spread throughout the day but don't use molly often and am going to Shakey Knees weekend festival. Outdoor EDM concert. I've read about heroin and mdma combos but none about mixing all 3. I know people will say my daily cocktail Is already dangerous but was curious if I take enough molly since the xanax and boy will be doing the opposite effect. Was hoping someone else was like me and could describe how it was. Also I'm not using the boy for a come down since I do that I use it way of atelier in the day. The concert starts tomorrow so I hope someone sees this in time
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    Well since know one had any stories to warn me about so I might be the first to tell y'all what happens when you do. I take 3 bars around 11am as I do everyday for last 10 years and .25 of the boy Insufflation. Usual 1.5 is my 5 year daily wake up 30 min after the Xanax so picked up another G of the food for the weekend so I wouldn't be sick and thought a smaller size would be better to not ruin the molly reading other similar reports and people hanging it at the height of the molly trip. I did a wet finger dip into the molly bag around 6. But this molly was chunky rocks and wasn't mine so my buddy holding the bag for you to get a dip would be a dick about it if he thought you took to much. It's the least molly I had ever taken at the first dose but it had been years. I ended up turning into a dead zombie till 11 pm with people constantly asking me "Are you ok? Did you take too much" etc which officially made me "that guy who can't handle his drugs" because I didn't tell a single soul about the food. But I would be dancing one sec then be waking up every few minutes for hours with my legs almost giving out on me and looked like a retard. I hope this helps someone someday
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    I don't understand why you were so drowsy if you do a combination of heroin and high dose Xanax daily for years?
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    I wish I knew. One minute I'm dancing, the next people are asking if I'm ok.
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    mdma can make you drowsy on its own at high dose, you get all monged out and dreamy

    high dose mdma can fater the intial come up feel a lot like a mellow opiate high- very relaxing, easy to close your eyes and drift away
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