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    (Methamphetamine / 500 mg Xanax 2mg | Mirtazapine 35 mg) - Seasoned - What is Sleep? 
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    Hey bluelight so im gonna make a trip report for the most meth i have used in 1 session so far it was quite a ride

    So lets start. I hit up my meth plug and he had some pretty fire shit and i bought .5 grams at around 6:30 pm

    - 7:15 -
    i get home and am itching to try out this new crystal hes been telling me so much about
    so i get a piece of foil and a straw and laid aprox 50 mg on a line on the foil as i proceed to "Chase the dragon" and inhale the smoke the headrush just hit me it was by far the most intense head rush i have ever-
    Had Even though i didnt even do that big of a hit at the moment i knew i was in for a good night

    at this point i am very stimulated and Very euphoric my vision was kinda fuzzy too but all i knew was i loved everything and i was unstopable
    As i really hate the chemically taste of meth smoke i decided to snort a line. so the line was pretty big atleast for me it was roughly 100 - 120 mg
    The burn from snorting it was almost unbearable if i wasnt high when i was feeling that i probably would have screamed like a school girl

    the rush hit me this time it wasnt as intense as when i smoked the shit but still was mindblowing
    At this point my heart was going like a ak 47 and was a bit paranoid about having a heart attack for some reason but i was way too euphoric to let this ruin my high

    i cant tell u how much i smoked at this point in time because i was being fiendish and taking tiny hits every 2 minutes but those hits made me high as fuck at this point my heart rate was out of control so i promised my self id keep the amount i had left for after midnight so i didnt have to sleep that night

    -From 9:40 - 12 am-
    I was obesseivly coding pretty pointless things in python and some web apps in php this was so entertaining to me for some reason
    i remember i made an IRC bot a keylogger and a shitty social media site in php

    -12 am - 6 am-
    i had like .2 left and i prepared a tiny IV dose like 50 mg or so
    and i shot that up and that headrush was atleast 2 x stronger than the smoking one i was in pure bliss
    it was amazing at this time i was obessesivley watching high school dxd and smoking what i had left
    i was so energized i felt like i could run around my whole city and then still be hyper af afterwards
    i was extremely extremely stimulating and i felt like i was having a never ending orgasm at this point everything made me happy.
    then at 6:00 - 6:30 am i finished the rest of the shit
    i was expecting a nasty nasty comedown so i prepared for the worst
    i busted a nut to hentai and laid down
    For soem reason the comedown wasnt nearly as bad as i thought i would be although it was quite excrusiating to feel all that euphoria leave your body but even after the comedown i felt really satisfied and thougt "wow that was one of the best times of my life" - sad right lol

    - 11:30 am-
    But then the negatives of methamphetamine mixed with sleep deprivation i was in a state of full blown psychosis even thought that usually only happens after i stay up for 2+ days this was by far the worst meth induced psychosis
    i have ever expirienced i was actully starting to see shit that wasnt there usually its just distortions and objects can turn in to something else this time i would see tens of non existent bugs running around and dissapearing into thin air i left my jacket on the ground in the hallway and it started to turn into a very dark standing humanoid figure at this point i was shitting bricks so i decided to dope myself to sleep i grabbed a 2 mg xanax(Usually helps with psychosis) bar and 35 mg mirtazapine(Helps with insomnia) and i smoked about 2 grams of weed while waiting for the pills to kick in while waiting for the pills to rescue me from this hell on earth i was starting to have high dose lsd like visuals the weed seemed to make the visuals less terrifying and i basically would just see things distorted or coloured patterns on my walls. then 30 minutes later the pills kicked in and i put on some asmr putting on asmr is the last thing i remember after taking the xanax i tend to black out when i pop barz

    Phew that was a lot of writing hope you like this report and i hope my bad grammer and spelling doesnt make it to LQ lol

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    Sorry the thing that got me the most was the hentai comment lolol
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