Thread: Weed is literally a miracle cure

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    Weed is literally a miracle cure 
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    So im on a pretty rough meth comedown rn and ive been drinking and smokin weed and im barely even feeling the comedown now i only drank a lil so ik its the weed thats helping i might even be able to catch some sleep tonight

    Now that i think about it everytime ive used weed for actual "medical" uses it worked
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    Yes it is! It is great for sleep, relaxation, and the creativity/new state of mind it puts you in really enhances the sound of the same songs that sound whatever when you're sober. Also it works wonders to get you to eat which you might have forgot how to do lol.
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    it really helps with anxiety. it took a long time for me to find the right strain but when i did, it's great. i just wish it was legal everywhere, at least medicinally.
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