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    Global Online Survey into Cannabis and Well-being. 
    - Researchers from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in New Zealand are conducting a global online survey on cannabis use and well-being for people aged 16 years old and over.

    - This survey is completely anonymous and all answers are strictly confidential.

    - For more information and to access the survey please click on the link below:

    ​- This research has been approved by the Auckland University of Technology Ethics Committee (AUTEC -18/155).

    Many thanks in advance for your support with this research,
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    Been waiting forever for a survey I could help with
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    Many thanks for your support The Network; I am passionate about this area of research
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    Just took the survey, thanks for posting it. I like it when my feelings and opinions are heard and considered.
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    Many thanks for completing the survey Vintage 55. Great to hear you liked it
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    Many thanks for completing the survey herbavore. I appreciate your help with my research. I'm still about 40 participants short of my minimum target so every participant really counts.
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    Thanks for your time & support with the survey marduk12!
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    Posted. However, there was no option to indicate whether or not you have a major illness and whether or not you are using Cannabis medicinally. Honestly, I don't know if I'll have trouble stopping. Ex; I was hospitalized from May 18-June 1 this year and was smoking hash 4 hours after discharge. Nother example; as long as I am on dialysis I'll be using Cannabis.

    I've got no desire or need to quit


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    Hi Tom, thank you for completing the survey and for your feedback. I agree medicinal cannabis use is a very important and current issue. Although it was not a focus of my current research; I will consider it for future projects. Good to hear you feel your cannabis use is going OK for you. If you were to want to make changes in future, I hope you would be able to access support (e.g. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health [CAMH] - Thanks again, Mark
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    Did it, very interesting. Hopefully the persons Masters of Health Science goes through!
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    Hi NvisionPeace, thanks for your support. I'm just writing it up now. I'll make sure to post a summary of the findings by the end of the year. Mark
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