Thread: Needle exchanges coming to 2 Canadian prisons

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    Needle exchanges coming to 2 Canadian prisons 
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    Needle exchanges coming to 2 Canadian prisons
    Rafferty Baker
    May 14th, 2018

    Inmates at two federal prisons who use injection drugs will have access to clean syringes beginning in June, with the Correctional Service of Canada planning to roll out the service at other institutions next year.

    The correctional service has previously made needles available for inmates with diabetes who require insulin and for people needing EpiPens, but this is the first time drug users in Canadian prisons will have access to clean needles.

    "Correctional Service Canada's prison needle exchange program is an initiative that will strengthen ongoing efforts to address infectious diseases in federal penitentiaries and in our communities," said interim commissioner Anne Kelly in a written statement on Monday.

    Phase 1 of the needle exchange program will begin with one men's institution, the Atlantic Institution in Renous, N.B., as well as one women's facility, the Grand Valley Institution in Kitchener, Ont.

    A correctional service spokesperson said the prisons were selected because they have the highest rates of injection drug use and needle sharing, based on routinely gathered health information.
    Read the full story here.
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    What ? This is crazy! I know that the prison system here in the states will add prison time and make you do a rehab program, and if you don't complete the rehab program then you will get more time.
    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to send me a PM. here
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