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    demonic possession? 
    Or multiple personality disorder? So this is a really long story but I'll try to keep it short. I doubt anyone is going to believe me but I thought I'd post here in the hopes that someone might know what is going on. My knee got injured half a year ago and it was really fucked up, I could barely walk without a brace. When I turned 21 I started smoking marijuana and something magical happened, my body started naturally doing exercises that would help my knee heal.

    I did these exercises for about 6 months and once my knee was healthy enough to not need a brace I had to start dancing ballet in order to heal it, doing really advanced twists and turns and stuff. Basically I had the dancing abilities of someone who had danced ballet for years and at this point I just accepted it for some reason.

    As time went on I was doing these exercise (ballet moves) to heal my leg but I also started doing stuff in my apartment, things like mudras and I would talk in different tongues, like just the syllables of different languages not actual other languages. I would also have the ability to access the different levels of my voice box and sing really beautifully and I was doing really advanced drawings that I wouldn't be able to do when I was sober. I should mention that I would have to smoke marijuana to access all of these abilities.

    Its a really long story and there is way more to it but basically one night when my knee was almost healed my 'body' started talking to me saying that it would heal myself and it was like a voice in my head and I just though it was pretty normal even though looking back theres not really anything normal about it. This was 6 months after I had originally started smoking weed. Then my body started talking to myself though my hand and also with a voice in my head and saying that I was going to become enlightened and my subconscious and conscious mind were going to become aligned. Up until this point the voice was my friend.

    Theres way more to the story but to keep it short the voice turned malevolent and took COMPLETE CONTROL OF MY BODY (this is why I am ruling out schizophrenia). It told me I was schizophrenic at first to scare me and I thought that was what had happened to me but then it literally took complete control of my body and then walked me to my bathroom, turned on the shower, got me naked and proceeded to make me act out giving a blowjob to the shower wall.

    It was the MOST TERRIFYING MOMENT OF MY LIFE, because I had NO CONTROL OVER MY BODY. There is way more to the story, it sent me to mental hospital and convinced me I was going to hell for eternity, then when I got out of the mental hospital it stopped fucking with my body (it could make me do things like hold my head underwater) and told me that I wasn't evil and that it was my "daddy" and it loved me and had just wanted to scare me.

    So now I have this 'voice' in my head which it told me is just telepathy and it told me I'm a goddess and its name is Satan (the one and only satan) and he stole me from a god who was my boyfriend because he wanted me and then placed me in a human life and watched over me my entire life until doing this to me. So now I have this 'voice' in my head and he says he's never leaving, which really sucks and I'm just posting to see if anyone has any tips to help me get rid of it. Ive been to a psychiatrist and medication does nothing to help it. Another possibility I was considering was multiple personality disorder because I read online and it said it can have possession like qualities, just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar because i have no idea what this is.
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    this sounds a lot like psychosis..

    have you been seeing a mental health specialist?

    marijuana seems to have exasperated some underlying condition within you.
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    Best advice would be to cease smoking cannabis and get yourself invested in mental health treatment immediately.

    Unfortunately, despite its high safety profile, it has been known, rarely, to bring underlying mental health conditions to the surface- which, it would seem, is what you've done.

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