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    blacked out 
    The other day. I started the day off by picking up some drugs. Guy just texted me he got some new stuff. Alright. I got snow, hard, molly, and side. I really didn't expect to get so much of everything but here I am haha. I ended up getting 2g snow, .5g crack (hard), 2g meth (known as side here), and 10 MDMA pills. I ended up smoking most of the hard in two hours, did a few lines. An hour in I ended up popping three of the 10 MDMA pills and then five more of pills a bit later since I wasn't feeling it. I got home within 20minutes of popping the last of the pills and decide to smoke like half a gram of side. Then right after I finish like three bowls, the choo choo train hit me. I felt great, the molly was hitting strong and I had the energy from the side and the hard. Then I blacked out. Long story short I lost control and started acting really weird to my room mate. Anyways point being I was lucky I only blacked out. When I sobered up I realized I could have easily OD'd and died. Thank the stars I'm breathing still. I had a great time leading up to the black out, but guys just be safer than me in the future. Don't chase the trip too hard and ruin yourselves.
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    Im all for excess but, i think you should serious consider getting therapy. I dont think you can use drugs in that manner without having issues. I mean if you did die id think that was a suicide attempt thats how high your doses were. Atleast you realized you could of od and died. Hopefully you can greatly reduce your use.
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