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    Need urgent help identifying mdxx results 

    I am testing 3 different powder substances. 2 batches claim to be MDA and one batch claims to be MDMA

    Batch 1 sold as MDA
    Batch 2 sold as MDA
    Batch 3 sold as MDMA

    For all 3, marquis, mandeline and mecke tested strong and immediately for MDMA/MDE/MDA so I know all 3 are one these substances.

    However, the Folin results are hard to tell and the Simon's results just baffle me.

    Included in the images is a known MDMA Simon sample which turns completely blue instantly.

    The Simon's results for all 3 batches start off by turning a little blue, then morph into this turquoise colour and then to grey/black. I have no idea what this indicates.

    I would also appreciate if someone could share with me a Folin result for confirmed MDA as I am not sure if the colour I am getting from Folin is positive for MDMA or MDA.

    Top left = marquis
    Top middle = mandeline
    Top right = mecke
    Bottom left = Folin
    Bottom right = Simon

    Note that the blue MDMA Simon sample was produced with the same test kit the same day. So that rules out a bunk test kit. The same good MDMA batch turned super pink with Folin whereas these batches turn salmony?

    I am completely lost as to what each batch is. Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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