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    Mdma ???? 
    Ok so i have this guy trying to pass this off as MDMA could it be?

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    We cant id ur drugs by pic mod plz close this but word of advise that looks like a crushed up fentanyl bean be careful

    Although Mdma can look like anything so possible yes probable no

    But seriously ive purchased hella cut fentanyl that looked excactly like that so be careful

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    I once had mdma that looked like that.. about 18 years ago lol

    Anyway, it could easily be mdma or it could easily be anything else lol

    As to the colour - obviously that's unlikely the result of the mdma and/or cook. Probably just some random shit. Crushed pills maybe?

    Looking at it again - I'm almost sure it's probably a crushed pill. Which may indicate it's mdma - but technically a crushed mdma pill that shouldn't be sold by weight lol. The colouring looks more like that than a funny cooking of something. Plus it just looks like bits of a crushed up pill.

    Anyway - seriously, it could be fucking anything, including mdma. Can't you reagent-test it at least?

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    We don't ID random substances here. The stuff in your picture could be just about anything, if it is MDMA then I doubt it is of good quality and it obviously is adulterated and/or was not cleaned up properly by whoever made it. A reagent test would help narrow things down, but if I were you I wouldn't be taking that stuff. In any case, I am closing the thread.

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