Thread: Mixmag: Undercover in a Chinese MDMA factory

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    Mixmag: Undercover in a Chinese MDMA factory 
    Maybe interesting for some readers:

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    Noooo ...
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    I wonder if it's true that "the love" is missing from new pills/powder because it came from Safrole.
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    come on, they only sell precursor but the title is MDMA factory...
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    WTF - why sting an MDMA-precursor factory, that by the author's own admission, helped solved the crisis of toxic stand-ins when it all went away. See my join date? Wel, my "MDMA years" were 2000-2002, I took pills that used to have to scores on the back, at slightly different angles, as to cause an "X", I always called them cross-scored and knew every time that they would be golden. That lab got busted in Indonesia in 2002 - I'm not a bigshot, I just know because at the time it caused a crisis in Australia, as that was where we were being supplied from. I read about it in a DEA-Micro-Bulletin.

    Anyway - why not go after one of the Chinese factories producing Fent-analogues? Surely THAT is a better story and a much more ethical move.

    I'm almost crying for Janet.
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    A great read, thank you. I hope this doesn't lead to shutting down that dactory, I'm assuming this is like drugs Inc where they interview dealers but hide their face or location. It would be a rather strange paradox for a guy who loves MDMA and sees the benefits of it, to work to shut down a major precursor lab, leading to more deaths from impersonations of MDMA. I remember Piperazines, god they were toxic.
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