Thread: Smoked harmalas - can I roll 12-18h later?

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    Smoked harmalas - can I roll 12-18h later? 
    Like the titles says. I smoked some Changa yesterday evening, took the last hit at perhaps around 2am. A blend consisting of 70% caapi, 30% blue lotus. 1g dissolved dmt and 1g x10 syrian rue extract.

    Would it be safe for me to roll MDMA approx. 12-18h later? I've done some research but results are inconclusive... Some say smoked harmalas/MAOIS/RIMAS have a very short half life and only stay in your body for a little while (like 6h), and some say it stays longer than that. The longer half life seems to apply mostly to orally ingested harmalas, and I couldn't find any definitive answers regarding smoked ones.

    Any thoughts/experiences? Thankful for quick responses as I the intended roll is planned for tonight.
    (At the time of posting it is 11am)
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    I wouldn't risk it. MAOI + MDMA = serotonine syndrome, which is a dangerous medical condition. You have all your life to trip, report your roll!
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    For the record: I rolled approx 22h after, and it went well. No SS and no other adverse effects from what I noticed. Feeling alright now the next day but with regular MDMA hangover lingering
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