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    Whats wrong 
    When I used to take ecstasy/mdma I used get rushes of energy, music made me rush and dance like an idiot and feel loved up.
    It made me feel happy I used to like going on walks and missions my jaw would be going but know after a 9 year break and at the age of 30 things are not the same.

    The recant mdma has been tested and is legit and has been differant batches from differant suplliers, but when i take i have no rush of energy i just feel wasted, dancing feels like effort on it, i still get the roll and my jaw still goes but no overly happy feeling no feeling of being love up I just get stuck to the sofa and monged out whilst my jaw is going 100 miles an hour.

    I used to take alot of pills back in the day recently its all been mdma crystals/rock.
    I am taking an average sized doses for my body weight.

    What has changed? Why could i possibly not be experiancing the same effects?
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    There is a large discussion regarding this topic, Amphetamines with your ecstasy is probably what you want for your desired effects (Not recommending or endorsing other amphetamines whilst under the influence of MDMA because it can be very neurotoxic).

    Long story short there was a safrole treaty signed in 2008 and there was a worldwide MDMA shortage now they're synthesising it with a new precursor called piperanol which is altering the isomer ratios.

    Caffeine and amphetamines will also help you get the energy you need. Just ingest a very small and safe dose of amphetamine if you feel the urge to dance or another theory was one of the isomers was responsible for the energetic feelings on MDMA which made it seem more amphetamine like instead of mongy.

    We call the new MDMA (dutch mongy MDMA) because it's cheap to source the precursor's that's why the street labs/chemists can afford to put 300mg in your pill as opposed to 100-150mg back in our day.

    You can read the discussion here, Any input is much appreciated but we're slowly eliminating potential causes for the loss of that special magic. Read here
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