Thread: Combining Cocaine and MDMA at festival?

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    Combining Cocaine and MDMA at festival? 
    So I've had a lot of experience taking both mdma and coke separately. Usually mdma at a festival/event and then coke (usually taken after drinking alcohol) at parties/clubs.

    I will be going to a 2 day festival and usually I take about 0.3-0.5g with me per day and do most of that and save some for the "after party" where we smoke, take laughing gas, a bit of ketamine and just chill out.

    I usually get more mellow effects on mdma, and want a bit more energy and but I'm very interested in trying out mixing mdma with coke, however I've heard that the coke inhibits the serotonin receptors and therefore dulls the effects of the mdma high.

    What are your experiences of trying mdma with coke at a festival?

    and is there a way to do it to get the best effects out of both for example doing the coke first, mdma after or vice versa?
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    I only tried coke once in my life, and it was while being high on MDMA. I didn't enjoy the experience.

    Ket mixes much better with MDMA
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    A lot of people say this happens OP, although I've never noticed it myself. Then again MDMA just levels me so I'm not the best person to ask.
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