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    Lasting MDMA issues 
    Looking for some help
    My name is King Cuzzo and I would like some information or advice. I am 19 years old , 5,6 ft and way about 59 kg( 131 in pounds )On Jan 12th 2018 I had my birthday and it was really fun. But I had a lil too much fun. I drank and smoked a lot but also did about 150mg of ecstasy that night. I woke up the next morning and continued to party again but this time i took two pills of 200mg each. Yes I know it?s a lot but at the time I wasn?t aware I just wanted to have fun. I?m not a regular user that was my 3rd time in my entire life. They day after I felt like shit. I was depressed, having brainzaps ( shocks through my body) at one point during that week I had a panic/ anxiety attack. I didn?t feel like I was in tune with reality merely just walking and I would after feel like I was having a delay. The weekend I stayed by a friend and drank lot of tea and vitamin C and slowly I got better. I had my appetite back and I felt normal. I started gym about 2 weeks after so I started sweating. After a couple days I started feeling the symptoms coming back but I still felt kinda normal. I would just feel a little out of sync. I?m not having any memory problems or spasms but I did get about one or two brainzaps during this time. I feel the same but just a little out of touch. And the two weeks before I was perfect. Is it because it?s still in my system and I started sweating it out or did I take to much and it?s just taking a while to come down. I?m going to see the doctors Tuesday. But would still like some advice

    Update 4 days later : PDATE: The whole weekend I was having trouble sleeping and eating. But I would just eat some fruits and drink some green tea , I started feeling a little like myself Sunday morning but it would go and come. I went to see the doctor and he told me I basically ran a marathon and body is drained and tired and needs time to recover. He also advised for me to do a check Thursday which I am going to do then next week Tuesday I have an appointment again. Thanks for the help but I have a couple questions. 1. Why did I feel back to normal after my 1 week comedown and right after 1.5 week I started feeling shit again. 2. Why did I struggling with sleeping and eating. I?m slowly getting back my appetite and sleep but I?m still kinda concerned. 3. My eyes and brain have been feeling a little heavy / foggy. I?m feeling like my eyes are little slow and I?m scared that I did permanent damage to brain from just one dose. Is it possible ? Thanks in advance and I would appreciate if you can explain in dept what happening. Keep in mind that happened in January and we are now in June. I feel way better being drug for about 4 months close to 5 but I still feel s little off. I have no anxiet , depression or any those things nomore. I can study normal and play game and go out with friends. But I do have a erectyle problem some days I can get 100% with ease some days I struggle to hold 70% but I guess it?s because my nerves are recovering and system as a whole so body isn?t ready for it to be thag stimulant yet. It?s also summer and I would like to smoke a little bit of weed again it?s 4 months can someone explain how long it?s gonna take me before I reach 100% I feel somewhere around 80% /85% which is great but I wanna be 100% Can some elaborate on the ED, 100% feeling again and when I would be able to smoke or do MDMA again. It?s been 5 months and I?ve been able to even pass in school so yeah
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    Hi KC,
    OD Social is more for off topic banter vs real troubles.
    I'm moving this to MDMA & Empathogenic Drugs as they are the best equipped for issues like these. Good Luck!

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