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    Hey everyone, first im going to apologize for my bad english (i speak spanish).
    Im 19 years old, been consuming mdma, weed and lsd since i was 15, with a very responsible use, at first only raving just once a month or two, but last year was a disaster, consumig every weekend but always with an average dose (1 1/2, or 2 pills max). One night we went out and took 2 pills of tested mdma and when i come home, i took 2 mg of alprazolam, i remember my heart beat really fast before that, but after i took the alprazolam, i felt like my heart just stop (i know it didnt) and then started to beat really, but REALLY low so i panick of course, i had like my worst panick attak ever, and experienced extreme drealization, i coudnt sleep for 2 days because i was freaked out with that feeling of my heart. And after that day (24th of November, i remember it as it was yesterday) i never stop having that horrible feeling in my body and mind. I was having 5 panick attacks every day, and dp/dr 24/7. I was going trough hell and thought that i was going crazy, i thought that i would never be able to feel like i felt before anxiety. I never took any medication because i convinced myself that i was going to get over it just by myself, i know that i can control my own mind, or at least try so thats what i did.
    Now, after 8 months i have improve A LOT. I dint have a panick attack in like 2 months and my dp/dr is completely gone. But im still afraid of suffer a panick attack, sometimes i feel like im going to have one but i told to myself "is just your mind messing with you" and it goes away, it doesent even start. Of course i stopped taking any drugs during this period, i only took 1/4 of a pill a few times and feel fine, a little anxious but nothing happened. I stop smoking weed (damn i miss her a lot ) and of course never took lsd again because i know that would be like a sucidide haha. Im happy because i improve a lot, doing terapy and excercising.
    Im still afraid of taking an average dose of mdma, but i know that nothing bad is going to happen to my body like, i know i can control it but im a little bit scared. But on other side i feel like if o dont do it now, i wont ever do it again because i will never beat my fear, and i defenitly want to do that.
    So what shoul i do? Face my fear or no?

    Thanks for reading and againn excuse my bad english.
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    1. Zinc and Magnesium
    2. Vitamin D and Calcium(but take the calcium with 8+h difference from the zinc or magnesium one of the 2 had conflicting absorbation with calcium you can Google it)
    3. A lot of Omega 3 with good amount of (epa and dha)
    4. 800+ mg of SAMe daily.
    5. B complex at morning (it makes it hard to sleep for me if take before night, you can also just take it every now and then)
    6. Curcumin with piperine.

    From this combo I feel pretty great! You should try all at once and you'll see what works the best.

    Sleep, diet, exercise, meditation and positive thinking.

    That's what makes me recover.
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