Thread: Seeking moderators for an interview on design and impact of Bluelight

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    Seeking moderators for an interview on design and impact of Bluelight 
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    Researchers from Lehigh University (PA, USA) are seeking moderators to participate in an online interview (e.g., Skype/Discord) concerning your experience with Bluelight. The study examines the technology design of and its interaction with the goals, attitudes and behaviors of community members. The interview should take approximately 30-60 minutes, and we are willing to accommodate a variety of methods (e.g. video, audio-only, IM).

    These interviews are intended as the first part of a larger study on the information practices of Bluelight users. Your responses and feedback will be used to help craft an upcoming survey for the general Bluelight audience. The long-term goal is to identify ways in which computational tools and algorithmic features can be used to benefit communities such as Bluelight.

    You must be 18 years or older to participate. If you would like to participate, please send a direct message to me (Skeebs), or contact me via email at [email protected]. My name is Patrick Skeba, and my advisor is Prof. Eric Baumer, you can find some information about our lab and previous work at

    This study has received ethical approval from Lehigh's Institutional Review Board.

    Bluelight's research admin, Tronica, has approved this post and will make an accompanying post soon. For anyone that does participate in the interview, please use this thread to voice your impressions and feedback, I'll be here to answer questions and hopefully improve the process as it goes on!
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    Following up on Skeebs' post, admins have had a good look at this project and believe the findings will be very useful for Bluelight. We have also reviewed the ethics application and procedures and are happy with those.

    We hope you will support this doctoral project!
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