I've been waiting to dose LSD for over a year now, but only ever had an opportunity once. I had to turn it down, since I take Lithium 900mg a day, and had to drop that day or no day.

Another opportunity just came up, yet I'm still on Lithium 900mg. However, I can dry myself out cold-turkey five day before. This is, as I've heard from many sources, as well as my psychiatrist, when the drug will virtually be cleaned from your system, especially if you're not a chronic user.
I will also be dosing only around half a tab, consuming that over the course of probably three-to-four+ hours to gauge any effects as they come (better safe than really, really sorry, from what I've heard).

Based on your guys' experience and/or what you know of the combination, is this a good-enough measure to ensure I don't fugue-out and seizure on the ground, like so many people seem to suggest? I'd be blessed to hear someone who's experienced almost the exact scenario as me, but every anecdote I hear is someone hitting over 200ug the same day they dosed their lithium, and that's just not a fair assessment. There is no scientific reasoning to believe that the interaction is not dose-dependent on both ends.

Note: I see a lot of 'crazies shouldn't be tripping!' and 'don't discontinue your meds or you'll go bananas!' from people. I can discontinue Lithium for 5-6 days and be fine. I'm not schizophrenic, and I do not suffer from dangerous waves of mania, nor do I fall on rifles the instant I'm unmedicated. I'm looking for answers pertaining solely to the notorious physically-harmful interaction of the two drugs, not that the reason I'm on the meds will cause me to have a terrible trip. Thank you.