Thread: What to eat before 2 day festival? (MDMA)

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    What to eat before 2 day festival? (MDMA) 
    So I'll be going to a 2-day festival and I want to know what I should eat in order to not dull the effects of the MDMA but also give me enough energy for the day.

    I also find it fairly hard to chew/eat anything properly the morning after rolling so preferably it would be something that's easy to eat. For the morning of the first day, I can pretty much eat whatever will be beneficial as I wouldn't have rolled the previous day

    I'll most likely have a few ciders on the way to the festival. the festival starts around 12pm but we'll most likely get there loosely around 1pm/2pm and drop our first MDMA bomb a bit after we get in. the festival ends around 11pm/12am each day.

    Any advice please or experiences that people have found beneficial? (Or even foods that will even increase the effects of the mdma high?)
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    Antioxidants, dark chocolate, smoothies

    Don't starve so much for stronger experience. Don't redose if possible, don't overheat too. These are the worst. Avoid more than 150mg.

    There's a lot of people who got screwed, you can see the threads.

    Stay safe
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    I eat large heavy breakfast, a moderate sized lunch and then a tiny early dinner. Make sure dinner is light and quickly digested, and have it 4hrs or more before your experience.

    I also don't consume antioxidants until I'm coming down as I've had them alter the experience when taken before. It seems this does me good on the neurotoxicity end. I do eat antioxidant rich foods though beforehand as that doesn't seem to affect the roll.

    There's no set food list and really there shouldn't be.. Just eat healthy and you'll be alright.

    That festival ends early though.. When I think festival I think of nearly non stop music. Last one I got back from I would start dancing at 2pm sober and keep going until around 9pm, then start dosing my LSD and MDMA and continue until the sun comes up. Watching the sunrise is powerful after spending 12+hrs moving to the music.

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