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    Edibles vs smoking 
    Which do you prefer? Last time I had an edible it was a 50mg hybrid gel cap. It was awesome it lasted all day. The high seems a bit more euphoric. I feel like the anxiety is more manageable if you dose correctly. I smoke everyday but would like to start taking edibles on the weekend. I'm trying to find the most euphoric enjoyable way to consume cannabis.
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    If you have good access to edibles they are a great way to dose. You know about how much you are using every time so you can track tolerance and if you don't smoke with the edibles than you are saving money.

    The only reason I don't use edibles is that I like the quick onset of effects you get from smoking and because buying edibles from a recreational dispensary gets expensive when you need large doses. I do occasionally make some edibles which is actually pretty cheap, but not knowing how much each contains always bothers me as I like being exact so it's rare.

    Overall though I find the most enjoyable way to use cannabis is to smoke it. It's instant, I can get exactly where I want to be, and it tastes great. I would only make edibles now if I had a lot of material I didn't want so smoke, like bad weed, oil, or distillate.
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    My personal preference is edibles vs smoking but because of the instant easy of vaping I lazily use both methods.

    Edibles on a budget, are fairly easy to make, they can be far more cost effective for daily use and easy to calculate your daily use and on hand product. Because of the delayed onset you will rarely bing on edibles after your first mistake. If you've taken your morning dose you wont continue to eat more like you might with smoking.

    Euphoria is always a personal experience and where you find it may vary, you seem to be on a good path, doing the research before you start altering course is a nice start.
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