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    Brown frown anyone? (Brick weed) Question 
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    I haven't seen shwag in literally years. I used to smoke bud that was just a step above brown frown. It was very seedy, had no smell and dark green and brown in color. It produced a much different high then chronic. I always have liked chronic better but I still miss shwag sometimes.

    I've never had any real 'brown frown'. I've seen it, looks kind of like tobacco. Has anyone tried it? I'm thinking one whole joint would equal a hit of modern chronic, two and two, and of course so on. I've heard the high is much different then any other bud, even low shelf quality.

    I always kind of thought the level of quality goes in this order,

    1, hydroponically grown cannabis, (chronic). 20+% THC
    2, Midgrades (PK), 12-15%
    3, shwag,4-8%
    and 4, brown frown brick weed. 0.5-2%

    I remember the shwag high used to have a different mind fuck. It was way more relaxing and euphoric and I got way worse munchies. Chronic always delivered a much stronger kick to the dome, with tracers and visuals less munchies.
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    I think that's what my friends and I always called "dirt weed".

    If so, I had the misfortune of smoking some last week and it just put me in sort of an uncomfortable haze... almost like if I took too much Benadryl or something.

    I've had quite a bit of brown in the past that did the job just fine, so I guess there's more to it than the color.
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    It could be higher in CBN which is found in higher amounts in older product. CBN is usually reported as being more sedating, but overall less psychoactive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamflyer View Post
    almost like if I took too much Benadryl or something.

    Y'know, I've never heard it put that way before but it's probably the best description of a heavy shwag/dirt high that I've ever seen.
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    I've had brown Mexican Brick weed before. It still got me somewhere. Not sure where that was tho. I used to use it for blunts and joints back in the day to save on dank.
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    Last time I had this kind of weed (we call it ditchweed) was May/1988 before an Iron Maiden contest. I still want to punch Murray in the face for that.

    It's all been seedless/greenhouse/hydroponic since then. The schwag may have been strongly Sativa?

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    In the late '70's early '80's we called it "Brown Around Town".
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    Ha ha, I think that we've all had less-than-stellar weed at some time. But as they say, "Beggars can't be choosers." (or more fittingly, "Bad weed is better than NO weed.)".

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    I hate shwag, all those stems and seeds, by the time you're done sifting through it half your stuff is garbage.

    I've never had the brown stuff, and you cats aren't exactly selling me on it.
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    Just smoked some the other night. I always get super high quality dank from my guy, but I was at a friends house and he happened to have a bag of dirt bud. Smoked it a couple days in a row and yea it’s definitely a different kind of high. I prefer high quality bud but if you just wanna catch a quick buzz, brown isn’t bad. Couldn’t smoke it daily tho lol
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    Why dont you grind the shwag and eat it?
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