Thread: Soldier steals tank high on drugs for 2 hour chase through Virginia

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    Soldier steals tank high on drugs for 60 mile chase through Virginia 
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    Saw this yesterday, you guys may get a real kick out of this.

    This guy served 11 years, including afghanistan! I wonder what the heck he was on....
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    Damn, son. "where is this damn water buffalo?"

    I wonder what was going through his head at the time... And also what drug(s) he was on cause I want some of that shit!
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    at least he surrvived i'm going to have have to google but i remember 20 years or so ago a guy stole a tank in san diego drove around for awhile ran over a few cars before they finally stopped him, i think i he ended up bleeding to death
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    Reminds me of the scene in "buffalo soldiers"
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    He just wanted a waifu, which is the only kind of wife he can hope to get in prison.
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