Thread: First time MDMA (well any drug) - is there great chance of being killed?

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    First time MDMA (well any drug) - is there great chance of being killed? 
    Hi, ok so I'm new to this site and I'm basically new to drugs in general. The only drugs I've ever done was getting drunk off alcohol and a puff of weed - yes I'm quite the amateur. I'm 19 (female) and I want to try MDMA (for personal reasons). I have a friend who's into this stuff and I was going to try it with her BUTTT I've been really worried about how dangerous it is. Like I said, I don't really have the expert knowledge on the different types but I have done my research although one thing I really dont know is why so soo many teenagers die from taking it the first time? It's always on the news. Is it because they overdose? Or they take a "fake" tablet? Or is it something to do with how well their bodies can react to it? My friend assured me and told me that when she first started she was also scared but realised that she was fine and told me that I would be fine too, but she has quite a casual attitude and obvs I can't just rely on her words, so here I am. And just because she was fine that wouldnt mean the same for me, right? I mean, I've read articles where a group would all take the same stuff and it can end up badly for one person (death).
    I really want to try this - however I don't want to end up like the unfortunate ones. Could anyone pls tell me why there are deaths from those first time users and what to do to make sure not to die?
    Is this just death by chance?
    I really want to experience the desirable effects, but I also want to be safe than sorry - so I'm asking you guys for advice.
    Many thanks in advance! (I hope I posted this in the right place lol)
    p.s - I know that you should start small dosage, but is there still great risk?
    p.s - I am currently taking prescribed iron tablets (220mg) for mild anemia and I also take prescribed acne antibiotics (oxytetracycline)
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    To answer your question quickly and concisely they die due to mixing other recreational/pharmaceutical substances irresponsibly with MDMA.

    Often times you will find they've just gone overboard with the drug or due to improper identification of the substance they're consuming. Do you have a reagent testing kit available because that would be my first recommendation prior to ingesting the substance you claim you want to consume.

    There is in fact a possibility of an allergic reaction but it's extremely rare 1 in 100,000 if I recall correctly, So if you choose to consume this "MDMA" start yourself out on an extremely small dose and if you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately.

    You want to monitor your fluid intake and perspiration and replace any lost fluid with electrolytes if you're in a heated atmosphere (clubs ect). Only consume what you feel you need. A sip of water or electrolyte drink every 15-20 minutes would be ideal.

    You are not to mix MDMA with any other drugs if you decide upon consuming this MDMA and you MUST reagent test it and do not consume it under any circumstance if it hasn't been correctly identified.

    As for oxytetracycline it is an antibiotic so I recommend if you decide to consume the MDMA you do not take it and ensure all of it is out of your system because it affects the CYP34A enzyme therefore comedowns can be intensified to my understanding.

    I would consult your doctor regarding this and put the consumption of MDMA on hold until you seek proper medical advice. Be honest and upfront and see what he says. I spoke to my doctor regarding MDMA and he approves of it providing it's been correctly identified and no adulterants are present.

    He also believes it can be very therapeutic.

    I'm reading mixed reports currently and as you know everyone's body chemistry is different so you may be one of the unlucky ones (I would like to hope not).

    So in summary there is risks yes, So you should not consume this MDMA until you seek proper medical advice regarding these 2 drug interactions. Some users have claimed to take oxytetracycline with no ill effects and others have taken it with intensified comedowns. As for someone who has no prior experience with MDMA I thank you for coming here to ask these questions.

    It shows responsibility.
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    In my opinion it's not a good idea to do MDMA if you're predisposed to anxiety. A lot of people unlocked underlying anxiety disorder, followed by further complications as panic attacks, paranoia, brain zaps and whatever.

    Death is very unlikely if the dose is reasonable, you have no health conditions, and you don't overheat / dehidrite.

    But you maybe want to check the multiple threads of people trying to recover from MDMA use. Some of us even took it only twice!

    Stay safe, and admirations that you've bothered to post a thread before consuming the drug!
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    Thank you very much for your great advice!
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    Always have a test kit so you can test your drugs so you know damn well what the hell your putting in your body. I remember back a few years ago there was some allegedly "Fire Meth" people took the wors did and and died because they didnt test it turned out to be PVP and in high doses it will kill you and they did it unknowingly and paid the ultimate price. So be smart be safe stay alive!!
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    It isn't as scary as some people are making it sound. Make sure you allergy test it first by taking a tiny bit and buy a test kit to be sure it is pure MDMA and not something else.

    It is good that you cane here to ask questions but if it were me I wouldn't worry too much. I know countless individuals including myself that have taken ecstasy many times, not always in recommended doses (meaning too much for harm reduction purposes) that are completely fine.

    As long as you are taking reasonable doses and you are not abusing it, assuming it is pure MDMA and nothing else, you should have an amazing time with a nice afterglow for a few days after your roll.

    Stay hydrated and eat well before and after. I can't speak for the few who had negative after effects from only one or two rolls. That is abnormal.
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    I agree with the post above that a lot of people seem to enjoy the drug and the harm is unnoticeable.

    However the number of the people who get messed up isn't just few. It's hundreds alone in this forum. Like there is 5 locked ltc threads and the 6th open. A ton more single threads...

    MDMA rollercoastered my life and was the biggest mistake I've did. It manifested in so many mental and physical problems that I am simply not the same person since. This is not a single case, people are reporting over and over again the same stories.

    Fun fact, how I've decided to take MDMA?

    Googled "least harmful recreational drugs" MDMA was there...

    Thing is, it's about people getting hospitalized or died. (Most likely because overdose and side-complications.) However MDMA isn't in this list because everyone is "fine", but with messed up brain chemistry that no one grasp to understand completely.

    However THIS individual who posted the thread should be extra cautious, because of his anxiety.
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    ^ Did you yourself have a predisposition to anxiety or depression before your roll? I only ask out of pure curiosity. My friend used to say all the time that people who do drugs experience the highest highs and the lowest lows. There has been a lot of truth to the that in my experience. If I were to sit here and say my ecstasy use had no effect on my mental health I would be lying. The thing is, I abused the hell out of the drug. It's been a couple years now since my last roll now and I am ready to roll again, but to sit here and say drugs in general had zero effect on me or my personality would be dishonest.

    I think that comes with the territory of using mind altering substances, and not even necessarily abusing. For better or worse, I think the changes experienced depend a lot on the person's outlook or perspective on life and themselves, but also on the brain chemistry of the person as you mentioned.
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    I was definitely a person with traits of social anxiety, before I haven't analyzed myself, and thought it's completely normal, now looking back makes me realize it wasn't.

    However after the MDMA everything multiplied by 4 to 10 times. The depersonalization and the derealization were so severe that I was feeling like constant dream without any emotional and no memories recording whatsoever.

    I won't forget this one moment went to the gym with hopes to get better, but after the workout the dpdr was so bad that the voice of my friend was like coming from miles away inside a tunnel. All my body and mind was on autopilot, my character splited on two, inner voice and poker fake for the social world. My family, friends, home, belongings were like from a stranger who lived in my body from the past.

    My memory, concentration, time and dimensions perspective were so off that I couldn't tell when I woke up or had to go to bed.

    Awh boy and the obsession from the damage I've eventually caused myself... Another story of anxiety and depression sh*tstorm.

    Good things are that everything seems coming back to normal after year and a half. Just have to embrace a fighter spirit attitude.
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