Thread: Cannabis & DMT = psychosis?

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    Cannabis & DMT = psychosis? 
    I hope I'm not stepping out of line, but don't know where else I would pose this question... I'm wondering if my son's taking recreational drugs, could have contributed to psychosis and his ultimate suicide?

    Devastatingly, my 19-year old son took his own life in January, there were no outward signs of depression and he didn't appear unhappy.

    Subsequently, I've heard through his friends, he had in fact been smoking cannabis on a fairly regular basis since the age of 15 and also took DMT on numerous occasions (unbeknown to me). Not being familiar with the science of drugs, could it be likely that these drugs slowly changed his brain and perception of reality and outlook of life?

    I am racking my brains with so many unanswered questions but wonder if drugs had potentially played a contributing factor ...

    Any insight would be much appreciated.

    Thank you for reading.

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    Addiction is comorbid, addicts (whether it be weed, alcohol, heroin, etc) 99% of the time were not in a healthy state of mind prior to starting drug use. I would definitely not be using weed if I didn't have seemingly endless depression. I'd blame the underlying mental condition well before I blamed the drugs.
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    Psychodelic drugs make person self-concious and sometimes with false sense of it. Chronic users can develop psychosis and depression when things go bad in life. Maybe drugs are not the only cause but possibly have a major impact on it. Daily use of weed kills your motivation in time and you can?t find the necessary energy to do even core activities. So when life is hard for you, escape can seem like a good option.
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