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    soft black hash 
    So I have some soft black hash and I cant get it to vape and I don't like smoking. What can I do with it?
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    Eat it...?
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    Yeah I'm probable going to have to save it until a convenient time to cook it up
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    i don't really want to start a new thread when the titles going to be the same thing, though i'm asking the most effecient way to smoke hash
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    tremours, in my opinion, hash is best smoked pure in a pipe. just form a nice thin patty or similar and light it slowly until it burns. best flavor, but only with high quality of course.
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    this is how I've been smoking it and it seems to work pretty well once you get it burning. i was just interested in if there was a better way. so far i don't really like mixing it with flower . i think ill just smoke in the pipe and not overthink it
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