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    Mdma dosage? 
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    Hi guys so basically tomorrow im going to a festival and plan on taking mdma.
    This will be my first roll in 6 months and feels like forever since i last took it. I usually just dab/lick my mdma but i find it hard to estimate how much im taking and just find myself dabbing until i come up. I would rather bomb it this time around so it just hits me at once. The trouble is again is that i have no idea how to measure it. Im planning on taking the bomb in the festival (the mdma bomb that is) but idk how much to put in. Do i need alot or a little sprinkles? Can anyone give me an idea how much i need?
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    Get a milligram scale. Those cost around ten bucks for the cheapest ones.

    Another way is to volumetrically dose it like for example if you have 500mg and you dissolve it into 0.5l of water then each quarter of that contains 125mg of MDMA.

    Eyeballing is the most unsafest way to dose anything.
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    ^Agreed. You can get a milligram scale delivered in the next few days from amazon or ebay. If you can't, then a less reliable method is to divide up the gram. The only problem is that for all you know though the 'gram' could be anywhere from 700-1000mg. I used to divide grams into either six or eight before I had scales. A dose of MDMA is about 130mg~.

    Why are you going to a festival on a monday??
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