Seeing a friend I haven't met in ages, I was finally able out hang out with him. After a bit of catching up we smoked some pot, had some beers, and some shots of Jack Daniels.

I caught up with him and asked how the other people we knew were doing. It's sad to find out some people I knew, died from drug overdoses. Being a former addict, I was clean for a while, except for having some pot and beer once in a while. Knowing that I had issues with the drugs before, I knew my mind was made up.

Ever have the feeling that you quit the hard drugs to get your life back together after suffering withdrawals but not really end up quitting and going on a long term temporary hiatus instead? That's me. I never quit formally, but I can understand why living sober most of the days is important. I don't ever feel that drug use is bad, as long as it's not overdone.Well, after being clean for a while, I feel that it was a well deserved reward. I promised myself never go overboard with drugs ever again ever since meth and heroin fucked up life up several times.

Friend has a hookup and I decide to do it for old times sake.

We drive and I was able to get good bit of both. We mix them up and prepare the shots. 1 part heroin and 3 parts cocaine.

As both drugs start becoming an aqueous solution, fond and horrifying memories come back. Almost as if good nostalgia and PTSD came knocking at the door at the same time.

As the cotton ball expands, so does my anxiety.

I drew up the aqueous solution in a syringe and prepare my veins on my hand. Wiping the area of injection with an alcohol pad, I become hesitant and excited at the same time.

Bevel up.

23 degree angle.

And into the vein it goes.

As the blood draws in the syringe, I push the plunger down.

The memories all came flooding back with the help of cocaine and heroin crossing the blood brain barrier like crossing into a parallel universe at the speed of light.

I feel as if I was skydiving into a gigantic hot springs.

The rush of it while having a safe and pleasurable landing. I start to sweat profusely and breathe heavily.

My whole jawline was numb and I could feel the opiates hitting my CNS at full force while getting massive tinnitus.

It's been so long, but fuck! This feels amazing.

After the coke wears off, I start nodding off heavy.

"This heroin is stronger than I thought", I said to myself.
6 hours in, I vomit and feel better. Never had dope last so long, but it could be due to tolerance and dose.

At the end of the day, it was a pleasurable one. I finish up the night with 7 grams of kratom and 2 g of phenibut.

It's always been my favorite combo, but I should tread lightly, if I don't want to get a habit again.

It's been so long, and dealing with a long time of work and not using. It was a nice treat.
It's not something to do everyday. I made a promise to myself, but I should still be aware of potential danger and damages I could cause if I'm not too careful.

Disclaimer: To people that are curious. Please use caution. This is a deadly combo. Always use clean syringes, clean water, and clean containers. If you can gain access to micron filters, even better. Wish I had a micron filter before hand.

Be safe everyone!