Thread: Moon rocks..... or not....

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    Moon rocks..... or not.... 
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    Okay so got some 'moon rocks', its like hella darker than regular molly... n i was told it was sooo much better than molly but like when i took the same amount that i would for molly, like it didnt make me feel better, it was intense for sure, but it like made me so fucking hot, like thats all i could think about! And then my S.O. a effing jerk n like on molly, that wouldnt even come close to bothering me but on moon rocks it like ruined everything and i have never ever felt so almost completely out of control angry... like wtf is that shit. Like it was not enjoyable at all.... like it seemed like it just enhanced whatever mood we were in, n not at all brought up our moods or made us feel good ya kno? Like is that how moon rocks always is or were we lied to bout what this shit was? Or what is some peoples experiences on it compared to molly?

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    Doesn't sound like the moon rocks I've had. It's impossible to say whether you have is or isn't MDMA so you might want to consider buying a test kit and testing your product. I wouldn't take it again honestly. Doesn't sound like moon rocks at all. Moon rocks should be pure MDMA crystals with no cut.

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    Impossible to say from a description over the internet. As stated you should buy a testkit and find out for yourself. CLosed

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