This will be my last ever post on this website. I will not be replying to any queries, as I am recovered and have moved on with my life. I do not want to be reminded of the darkest hour of my life. You can read my past posts if you wish to know about my experience. I believe the majority of LTCs to be anxiety-BASED. For around 3 months there is a genuine chemical "imbalance/abnormality" in the brain after MDMA use, which has led you to this state of "Long term comedown" by triggering anxiety. There are some people who I am unable to help fully, although I experienced virtually every symptom mentioned here, I did not for example experience visual floaters/tinnitus/extreme physical pain. These people should still apply the following strategy to hasten/add to their recovery.

Step 1 - Stop caring about how you feel. You will get better, it will simply take time and energy. Stop monitoring how you feel.

Step 2 - Lifestyle

Stay Completely Sober including Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco and all Drugs.
Running/Cardio - I aimed for 40 minutes a day, I am now running around 7km a day in 40 minutes
Meditation - I do 40 minutes a day
Nutrition - Stop eating sugar and non-real foods. Only eat real whole foods. Nothing that a caveman couldn't eat.
Read - I read 200 pages a day
Social Interaction every Day
Cold Showers twice a day
Drink 3-4 litres of Water a Day

You are doing these behaviours for life. If you have the idea "I'm doing this until I'm better" you will not succeed since you are still in the mindset of monitoring how you feel. All these things are extremely good for you, make you happier and increase longevity.

Step 3 - Tackling the anxiety

You need to feel the fear to get better. The more anxiety you feel, the more you recover. Imagine it like a full bath, the more anxiety you feel the more of the water flows down the drain. Buy "At Last a Life" by Paul David from anxietynomore. My ultimate fear was flying long-distance. Nothing triggered more anxiety in me, there was no way to escape and I was literally flying thousands of feet above the earth. It took me 7 months to build the courage to go on that plane and fly. I had a panic attack at lift off, but nothing happened. My anxiety had almost disappeared by the time I landed. My LTC was basically gone. I had been doing the lifestyle behaviors for a couple months before this to prepare.
ANXIETY is so real that my neck was completely stiff for 7 months. When I twisted it, it cracked/felt like it was spinning on an axis. As soon as I got off that plane, my neck didn't crack anymore. It twisted smoothly. DP/DR, which is based in anxiety was gone.

Remove "Safety Behaviors". If going on the internet quells your anxiety, get the fuck off the internet. If porn makes you forget about your LTC, cut out porn. Feel the anxiety and be free. This is completely counter-intuitive but this is truly how you overcome it.

Good luck people, now that I'm free I'm truly grateful the LTC happened to me. Everyone needs a wake up call in life, and I'm glad mine came early. God's speed.