Thread: IV MS Contin prep method ( Purple colour 30mg) and IV Bupe strips prep Method

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    IV MS Contin prep method ( Purple colour 30mg) and IV Bupe strips prep Method 
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    Ms contin iv prep:

    Step 1: Wipe the purple coating off the pills with a alcohol swap repeat this until pill is only slightly tinged purple or completely white and when i say tinged i mean barely any purple you need to remove as much as possible, then Crush the pill in to a fine powder.

    Step 2: Fill a 100ml syringe up with water full to be ready for step 3.

    Step 3: Place powder on spoon and add heat to the bottom of the spoon with a lighter or a hotplate until the pill powder starts to smoke.

    Step 4- Shock the powder with the 100ml of water it should make a sizzling sound, let cool slightly and then place drop your cotton in stir it around a bit and suck your solution up in to your syringe, you can do a washie of the spoon/cotton leftovers later on if you wish to do so.

    Step 5- Shoot and enjoy

    *Note* Injecting pills is not safe at all but this is the best method ive come across and im not a regular pill user as my name suggests i mostly mainline ice so this method should be easy for people to follow who arent opiate dependent/everyday opiate users. a veteran junkie showed me this method.

    IV Bupe Strips prep method-

    Step 1- Place strip in to a spoon and add 60-80 units (ml) of water

    Step 2- Stir with the end of your plunger be careful though it will try to stick to your plunger just watch watch your doing so you dont lose anything, repeat until the strip disolves in the water

    Step 3- Place cotton in spoon and draw your solution in your syringe, you may want to filter a few times but personally i just filter the once

    Step 4- Shoot and enjoy

    *Note* Bupe is also not safe in anyway to iv, people lose limbs from this shit and another thing to say about iv pills and strips is that they are highly destructive to your veins! more so than anything else your veins will clog up like a motherfucker and become unusable even if you dont use often so take caution if you want to keep atleast a few of your veins decent lol.

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    Heating up pills for injection is a really bad idea. It is quite a long time since I was as informed on this topic as I should be, but my understanding is that this is very dangerous because the high temperature may cause certain substances to dissolve, and when you inject this into your bloodstream the temperature of the solution rapidly decreases. This process can cause substances to precipitate into solids in the veins, and you end up with nasty solids being introduced directly into your cardiovascular system.

    I have had a couple of drinks and have not read about safe injecting for years - but I know it is bad HR to heat up pills before you shoot them; if anybody would like to correct what I have said or add anything then please PM me and I will edit it into this post. I am closing this thread, I think the method being described here is contrary to HR.

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