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    IV Meth Prep 
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    Now this is my personal method and a method alot of my friends use, as a general rule i never add anymore than 10 units of water to my gear, unless its over a point and a half. If its 2 points or more i add 20 units, Depends how strong you like it but i dont like it too watered down.

    Iv prep (half point- point and half)

    Step 1- Draw up 10 units of water into your syringe and squirt into your bag or spoon whatever you maybe mixing up in.

    Step 2- Mix until crystals are disolved into the water, I run my fingers along the bottom of the bag and slightly pinch it to help dissolve the gear quicker. *Note* some people are impatient and wont wait for all the crystals to dissolve but its best if you do make sure it is all dissolved youd be suprised at how much it can waste if you dont mix properly. Some people kinda tilt the bag side to side slightly to mix the crystals in but i find the pinching is quicker.

    Step 3- Draw solution in to your syringe, Inject and enjoy

    IV Prep-Point and a half or more

    Step 1-Draw up 20 units water or more (Depends on your preference) and squirt in to your bag or spoon

    Step 2- Same as above

    Step 3- Same as above
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