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    [help] meth injection gone wrong 
    Yesterday Swim injected meth in what he now fears to have been the radial artery. Swim didnt feel pain during administration, but in the course of the night a swollen palm and some blue/violett veins were noticed. Arm movement caused slight pain at the elbow. Swim got concerned, even scared, after learning all about arterial drug injections and the amputations. 3 mg Etizolam calmed him down.
    The symptoms prevailed on the next day, however Swim noticed something new and weird; when he scratched his skin, a goosebump like structure would for a short duration appear. Also, swims blueish veins enlargened and would become very visible from his elbow to his fist. But no pain, and no numbness.
    24 hours later, no change in previous symptoms, but the veins/arteries at swims feet became huge and swollen, and his toes numb. However, this apparition quickly vanished after Swim Lifted his feet.
    Swim is very concerned and wonders, if the symptoms are indeed caused by an arterial shot, or not. Swim is hoping, that all symptoms will eventually go away alongside the toxins that have been in his body (1,5 g meth, 1g 3mmc, 10mg Etizolam)..
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    Wrong sub-forum, wrong pronoun (no third person, hamster or swim on BL, please) and also probably something that a medical person should weigh in on.
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    i think if you hit an artery you would swell up really bad right away.. did you?
    ..and two, how was the bleeding when it registered? bright red or frothy? it would have been hard to get the bleeding to stop as well after emoving the rig.
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