Thread: cracked the swollen face case??

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    cracked the swollen face case?? 
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    rolling about a month ago left me with really swollen cheeks and i think i know why now, if anyone would like to read and tell me if my idea is somewhat logical that would be great. so i dropped half a blue punisher which was more then enough to get me rolling as im quite small, and as standard, started gurning and bit the inside of my cheeks a bit. i then proceded to crush up another half a pill and rub it on my gums as i saw my mate doing so and thought it was a genius idea (shake my head) my cheeks only started swelling gradually about half an hour after this. is this maybe why my face started to swell? im asking because this experience really put me off mdma but then i remembered rubbing it into my gums (not sure why it didnt come to me sooner) and thought maybe if this is why then i can roll again? any advice would be great thank you
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    Did you chew your inner side of the cheeks while on the roll? If yes, then who knows what your body reaction would be if this basement made substance is in contact with open-wound. Please, practice safe rolling, the drug is very dangerous. Be smart. You can read some of the horrible stories some of the users here posted?
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