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    MK-801 (4mg sublingual) - Inexperienced - alice in wonderland aint got nothin on this 
    So decided to try it again, did my typical dosing procedure and wasnt feeling it as much or as quickly, maybe x-tol(cross tolerance)? Took another half flick and went for a swim at the beach with a friend. Walked to beach and back, still not a whole lot. Probably 2mg with 1mg for each past 2 each seperated by atleast 45min as it was more than 10min walk and 10min swim sober friend.

    After returning home and taking 2 (maybe more) mg. Any at some point it developed quite a bit strongly. There was a Lilliputin effect of which I've NEVER experienced. The size of everything would change so dramatically yet i was totally able to function.

    I found this extremely bizarre and amazing effect had quite a dramatic effect on my mental state. 1st was awe, i eas totally coherent, knew i took a drug yet even while keeping my cool believed i had hacked reality, it quickly became quite delusional thinking. Was this real, did I CHANGE reality matrix style like some sort of god with an unknown power, did i break the matrix, was my friend a magical friend? What was this state and who was the culprit, I'm sure dizocilpine had a hand in it but to what effect exactly i thought, NO WAY IT WAS JUST THE DRUG, had to be a sequence of triggering factors i thought lol.

    Doors and doorways would shrink tiny and then grow ridiculously tall, skinny, and fat. Stairways in hallway would change, cars were crazy looking and huge, my lap and big screen tv would change from square to rectangle to massive. The picture on the wall would always be moving and changing size dramatically. I started kicking the couches because the size changing was pissing me off, how can i get comfy in this situation!? My legs and arms and toes kept being so alien to me. These aren't mine i thought, not in the world i knew anyway. Forget about using my touchscreen phone, uh uh, no way.

    Looking at buildings outside they would keep changing form, reminded me somewhat of the movie dark city but thrse changes were always instant. The apartment building across street would be giant castle, the house would me so big, my friend's arms grew crazy long as put 1 of the boas around my shoulder, the cabinets, dressers, refrigerator, kept changing sized and shape. Went outside, maybe could walk to beach, perhaps a dip could stop this madness and relax me. Stop shop was not the real stop n shop supermarket, this must have been a secret one, for ghosts only, didn't realize were transdimensional, good for them i thought.

    People looked weird, roomate left to get weed. My fingers looked like toes, limbs were completely out of wack yet surprisingly i was still able to make good use of them. Made the bungling error of going the walk again to beach pilgrimage while roomate was on his mission to search the magic medicinal herbs. Well i totally bungled it from the start, forgot where and why friend left, at risk of loss and laziness to search brought no phone, wallet or keys and locked myself out. After some failed attempts to get back in apartment due to asshole apartment building neighbors and the fact that "they didnt kn9w WHO I was" cause i guess why would one shut in from another would wouldn't open bottom door.

    At this point I decided to take the cowards way out and seek medical help as the intense distortion was getting too great and i was getting tired. I believe this effect is caused by the fact thst when we see our vision is converted to signal which comeback together to form a scene, like room with white pain, chairs, doors etc and each item has to be interpreted as to it's relative size snd position. Scambled, not quite Picassoed, pcp is better at that in all ways, imagine thinking like a Picasso painting looks only more worse, like a colage of..anyway..)

    I walk to my local urgentcare, 2 blocks from house and give the scoop, i ingested too much nmda ion channel ligand and pussied out/got tired of being wonderland and wanted out of my rabbit-hole. They took me to the hospital where my minds debate on the reaity of things grew to be too much to handle. The nurses and doctors would grow and shrink as would everything in the room, tiny legs and feet and then grow to giants, i kept pointing everybody even the cops telling saying "your a fucking giant and thiis guy over here is a giant...)there desk area kept changing and getting bigger with slots and computers constantly changing positions yet remaining similar, i asked what hell was up with there desk and demanded is wasn't real. I cried for sleep meds and they shot something in my leg, didnt ask wish i did and kinda pissed they didn't tell me, seemed very unpro of them.

    Took some time before sleep was achieved, however short lived it may have been it was enough to get the old noodle working seeing/interpreting properly again

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    Should note somewhere smoked small bit of 3pp (3-phenylpyrrolidine hcl) with mild effect. Will have to go back to hospital for copy of dr note to find out what the shot was and dosage.
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    What is phenylpyrrolidine
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    Crazy trip man, it's nuts to see trip reports of drugs I haven't even heard of before. I've only done the classic LSD and mushrooms, and haven't even come close to the Alice in Wonderland effect you described, seems absolutely nuts. Out of curiosity, how did you get into these more obscure drugs (and PCP) and have you experienced any lasting effects from these substances?
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    No negative long lasting fx whatsoever, i used to smoke pcp medicinally. I'm big on sar/pharmacology,discovery,understanding,being a psychonaut pioneer basically
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    3pp (3-phenylpyrrolidine) is basically a ringclosed analog of alpha-ethyl-phenethylamine instead of amphetamine
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    I'm curious about this dizocilpine, never heard of it before. The only dissociatives I've tried are DXM and nitrous oxide. Used to be a big DXM user, and I can tell you I've gotten close to the state you're describing. It's incredible how powerfully dissociatives can break down reality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by (zonk)
    I walk to my local urgentcare, 2 blocks from house and give the scoop, i ingested too much nmda ion channel ligand
    This made me laugh.

    If you don't mind me asking, how often have you ended up in hospital after self-administering unusual drugs? And when you offer this kind of explanation, what kind of reaction do you usually get? Do they understand and know what to do with you right away or...?
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    drs there rotate, its not my primary care, 1 of the docs "was"(but talks like is)big time tweaker and we talked n got along swimmingly. There was 1 other instance where a less than reputable chinese vendor sent a bunch of nbome as mxe and i had no benzos on hand so rather than try n ride it out i called a cab and walked upto emergency room desk and told them i just took 500x of an lsd like chemical.
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    the reaction is usually a chuckle, it's no big deal, sometimes they're very interested in knowing more n pick my brain a bit and tell me to be a lil more careful
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    sounds sexy
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    Damn zonk nice report, too bad you had to seek medical help. I did laugh because I've been in a similar situation.

    Anyway, thank you for the report. I am really interested in this one. Sounds like you would have had a lot more fun if you'd had a sitter. This substance seems to make people pretty bold with redosing and taking some risks they otherwise wouldn't. If and when I come by it I'm going to make sure those two things don't become a problem.
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