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    Tramadol + codiene 
    Hey all have run out of everything besides found 100mg of tramadol instant release and 105mg of codiene would having these together at those doses produce an effect that's worth while? Thanks guys
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    Pardon my ignorance, but how heavy is your tolerance?
    If you have little to no tolerance, it will definitely be producing a noticeable something, but be careful, tramadol can be a dangerous one.
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    Tried it a few days ago and did have an effect, thankyou for your reply!
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    Glad it worked. I'm currently on 300mg of Tramadol (also on 6mg clonazepam for my anxiety and also to hinder the possibility of a seizure from the tramadol) and 900mg of codeine. Nice mix. Don't try if you're opiate niave.
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