Thread: LTC from MDMA? WTF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BecomingJulie View Post
    Howard Marks reckoned that
    Spoiler for Mr Smiley:
    The pills had passed through the hands of the Brinks-Mat robbers, and became contaminated with toxic heavy metals from being stored near to where metal smelting was being carried out. They had been purchased by someone with a serious grudge against the USA, to be "discovered" when Marks et al went looking for the remains of an unlucky predecessor's stash. They would have created a massive public health crisis if they had entered the market in the USA as intended.

    Of course, this may well be totally unconnected to the current long-term comedown situation. But if there were more contaminated pills out there, if they did not get them all after all ..... Well, this is what one would be expecting to see.
    It's well worth a read, however much of it may have been altered and to what degree.
    Excellent, just found a free download of Mr Smiley in pdf format here:

    Looking forward to this...
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    Well, why not? He doesn't need the royalties where he is .....
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