+1:00 hours An hour ago I took 100mg of tapentadol, 180mg of codeine, 2mg of clonazepan and 20mg of Hydroxyzine, nodding off already, occasionally I'm passing out, vision blurred, ocasional sound hallucination and full on euphoria. I'm planing on taking (snorting) another 2 mg of clonazepam abd snort some methylphenidate, maybe 30 mg.

+1:15 hours Snorted 2 mg of clonazepam, it's not much since I'm very tolerant, but I'm calming down. Euphoria over 9000. If I start to nod off too hard I'll snort 30 mg of methylphenidate.

+1:17 hours I'm eating another 2 mg. Time perception is null, can barely see my 24'' monitor. Pruritus has arrived, shouldn't be too intense since I took hydroxyzine.

+2:30 hours Extracted 40 mg of methylphenidate from pills using isopropyl, the stimulant rush is followed by a comeback of the opioid effects, amazing.

+3:30 hours Redose time, tapentadol 100 mg, midazolam 30 mg: Plugged. 120mg codeine, oral.

+3:45 hours Pinpoint pupils and an amazing body high, and the codeine hasn't even kicked in

+4:30-4:45 Everything peaks, indescribable, not nodding off, not hyper, just perfect

+7:00-8:00 I begin to feel a comedown so I go to bed. Woke up still high.

DO NOT attempt to reproduce any of this, we all have different metabolisms and we don't know the response such a complex mixture of drug will be. Also, I am very tolerant to benzos, 2 mg clonazepam is nothing to me, stay safe!