Thread: Germany's DF forum revived, any old members around?

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    Germany's DF forum revived, any old members around? 
    Hey there,

    First things first, I read through BLUA and didn't find anything against this. I'm running the site I am linking, and don't profit in any way from it.

    Any members around? Of what used to be the German language Bluelight before its last seriously run iteration got shot down almost a decade ago? The old url was

    Anyway, we're trying to start things up again. A couple of old members are on board already, we've got a host in Switzerland and enough donations to last us 2y+, and while just starting out again a dedicated team.

    If you're an old member or looking for a place to hang and talk Krautspeak about drugs, we'd be happy to welcome you.

    No ads, no bullshit. Promised.
    & (SFW URL)

    Hiro (Admin, Founder, old DF handle "Ana")

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    willkommen to Bluelight. You're a welcome member of this site as well. We'd love to hear from the German contingent of harm reduction.

    Best of luck with your budding site and wishing you great success in harm reduction in Germany.

    Please feel free to contribute in EADD as we'd love to hear from you.
    Bluelight User Agreement
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    Thanks for the warm welcome, a bit lost with all my recent ad threads. Your easy going reply has cemented my already high opinion - been a member for years, just wanted to keep this account seperate - of Bluelight.

    If we can make our place a percent as awesome as this place, I'm happy
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