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    Before I start, If you have something negative to say, you've come to the wrong place. I'm not interested in any negative comments as I am fully aware of the cost of my actions.

    So I've been having too much of a good time on the old snow, combined with xanax, alcohol and mixie cones (weed/bacci) for about 2 weeks straight. No coke in excess but just consistent, maybe 1 night off a week. No physical signs of damage so I kept at it. Just a loss in energy which was easy enough for me to to boost.
    I know the toxicity of alc/xan so I kept the dose low. 1/4 xan to start and say a beer an hour and a total of 100-200mg a night, totalling a max of 5-6 beers a sesh. Mixie cone I will smash once the caine has hit, maybe 2-5 cones max a night and more bacci than weed for the headspins. Then maybe another 1/4 xan before bed I try not to go to overboard but I think the consistency is where I went wrong.

    Monday night (4 nights ago) I had a pain in my chest area while buffing the banana. So I stopped as it kept coming back everytime I tried to have another go. The stuff I had was real clean, other mates have had the same and no problems. Very euphoric, no kick to it. It just took a very long time to drip.
    Big drip came through, and my heart started to race at an incredible rate at which I'd never come accross before. I started to panic. I suffer from anxiety in general so this didn't help the situation. For about 5 minutes I was sweating bullets and my heart was pounding out of my chest I could feel it throbbing in my head almost. I was just walking around aimlessly, feeling lightheaded trying the best I could to calm myself down. I ended up splashing my face with cold water, putting ice all over my face, and ate a banana and basically the banana is what saved me and calmed me down after about 5mins. I then had a warm shower to remove as much of the caine from my nose, every time I got the drip my heart would race and I would start to panic. The warm shower obviously raised my heart rate combined with the caine still soaking in my nose membranes which was causing me to panic. I managed to tell myself I was ok and for about 2-3hrs I just layed in bed with a banana and ice by my side blowing my nose and removing as much caine as I possibly could before I could get to sleep. I felt I had to sit up at times if I sat for too long or I felt lightheaded/dizzy, and only felt comfortable sleeping on my left side, for some reason a SMALL amount of pressure on my heart made me feel more content and less anxious.

    Day 2
    I did a complete detox and took it very easy. I slept a lot, had little energy and did nothing strenuous, and because my stomach was upset I didn't eat anything just liquid diet as my stomach was rumbling fairly often, I just wanted to flush my system completely. It was almost like my stomach/heart were communicating with each other during this period. I drank plenty of water, chicken soup, milk thistle to flush my liver, multivitamins, garlic, vitamin c, omega 3's, fish oil, gastrolyte, hemp protein, lemon honey and ginger tea to help the anxiety and alleviate the nausea. I was extremely anxious throughout this period. With everything goin on, on top of it going cold turkey on weed (daily smoker for years), alcohol (4-5 drinks a night of low carb beer for a few weeks) and food all together (believe it or not we are HIGHLY addicted to food..) I went through phases of feeling fine and then feeling completely off. Lightheaded and a mild pain in my heart, and was clearly having heart palpitations occasionally which shot up my anxiety levels and made the situation worse and worse. I found walking around, eating a banana or small dose of aspirin would help alleviate any heart pain, oh and magnesium too.

    Day 3
    My stomach had finally settled and I had a bit more energy. I rode my bike for 15mins and got worried because my heart was racing (probably normal) but I subsided from any strenuous physical activity just in case. Booked my doc appointment in. Explained my situation. He took my blood pressure and it came back fine 120/72. Urine test which I'm still waiting to get back. Relaxed in bed for most of the day and watched movies

    Day 4 (today)
    Started eating again and starting to feel my normal self which was a great feeling. Small dose of xanax to alleviate the anxiety I was getting. Few cones to get my appetite back, started off very slowly. Now everything was going great until about 4pm. I had a pain from my heart and started to worry again. Ate a banana and it was gone within 5 minutes. I still have a very mild pain coming from my heart right now, it seems once I get my mind off it it goes away so it's mostly anxiety. BUT the pain I experienced at 4pm was definitely not my anxiety. I've been researching and researching and it seems to be very common for this to occur. I just went too hard. Hopefully the pain subsides eventually. I'm sure it will over time I just nee to stay clear of the snow for a while.

    I don't really know what I want from you guys, I guess I just wanted to express my experience freely. And If anyone else has gone through a similar experience would be greatly appreciated if you could share it!

    Much love, and just remember we only get one shot at this thing called life. Don't take things for granted and enjoy the little things.
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    Sounds about right... I remember when I used cocaine often I always thought I was just a naturally anxious and paranoid person, once I stopped I realized nope... Just the cocaine.

    Using lots of xan and alcohol makes it soooo much worse for me too, it helps short term but you gotta comedown eventually and when you do the rebound anxiety is a killer.

    In fact over the years, probably from my insane plethora of drug use and addictions, I now can't take much GABA hitting drugs at all without horrible rebound anxiety when I never had it before. I did heavily drink daily for quite a few years as a young teen which probably didn't help. But great example, I took 150mg phenibut and felt it a little, it was nice but for a week after I had this shitty low level of anxiety. Same for lorazepam, I'll be sweating and anxious for a week easy.

    In the beginning our bodies handle these drugs well but too much over time and we begin to break down. Your right we do only live once, id like to live it happy and healthy. Drugs are part of my life but only if they fit into that "happy and healthy" mold I've made for myself.

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    How long did that paranoia take to go away? It still comes and goes for me, but each day seems to get better and better. I absolutely love cocaine, but after this experience I don't even wanna look at it.. Definitely a celebratory drug to use occasionally and not something to fuck around with..

    Yeah xanax and beers are probably my favourite combo ever. Within limits of course, I never overdo it. BUT that doesn't mean it isn't doing any harm because I'm sure it is.. And it is HIGHLY addictive.
    The feeling you get after xan and alcohol + caine is up top. Then add a mixie cone. ooooofft. Can't beat it.

    I think you should try L-Theanine. L-theanine also increases GABA which is why people drink green tea for a cocaine comedown. Standard dose of L-Theanine is 200mg. A green tea only contains about 20mg depending on how long you steep it for and temp. 30mins at 80deg is prime, but I'm assuming it would be bitter and taste like crap haha. Mate I am with you on the heavy drinking. Age 15-21 I got wasted every single weekend. Completely legless. 18-21 I smashed the pellets (ecstacy) every weekend combined with alcohol of course. Not a stupid amount, usually only 1-3 a night and that was bad enough. The night club I went to every weekend shut down, and that is when the caine came into play! Lost a lot of my friends as we all went there every weekend we were all family and thats just what we did. Probably the best time of my life spent there. But yeah the first few times trying xans + alcohol + cocaine I was just completely blown away at the fact I would wake up feeling fresh and able to do things. I got sucked into it I guess. I felt fine, but it was affecting my brain, heart, nose, mental health, and everything else that goes along with it.. I suffer from anxiety in general and xanax has a long half life, so I would wake up feeling mentally stable, hit 5-6pm and I was straight back into the drinks and the snow and the sesh was on!

    It is truly amazing how well our bodies cope with this kind of abuse. It's not until you stop cold turkey you realize how much it all affects you. When you keep consuming them it makes you feel "normal" so you are blind to it I suppose. In reality everything is a drug. Sugar, Coffee, Mcdonald's, almost ALL our food as its processed and genetically modified. We are constantly hitting ourself with "DRUGS" (A drug is anything that causes a physical or psychological change to your body) so at the end of the day if you're gonna do xanax, drink alcohol, cocaine, mdma, whatever the hell it is you please. You just need to balance it all out and do them in moderation. Hell, I went from pingers every weekend to nothing. Ever since trying cocaine I didn't think about dropping or taking mdma ever again for the fact I could wake up not feeling cooked for 3 days lol. In fact it's been about 6-8mths since I have had mdma and it was a big part of my life. Still love the shit. Just the comedown is a killer. Unless you get proper clean md which I can get and still have stashed away. Still you wake up cooked for a day or 2 due to reduced seretonin levels. Eat bananas and what not antioxidants to bring you back to life. But man cocaine is just one hell of a drug. It is damn powerful and extremely addictive. AGAIN though. The 'addiction' is all psychological. For example. I come home from work on a friday, I'll grab a beer. What do you think goes on in my head next? 'You know what would go great with this beer? cocaine.' Everyone is different. But a few weeks back as soon as I touched a beer I would think about cocaine because the combo is a match made in heaven. Also 4x's as toxic and takes wayyyyyy longer to remove from your body due to cocaethylene which is what alcohol + cocaine develops to in the liver. It also increases your heart rate and blood pressure. I highly recommend Milk Thistle for the day after if you do try this combo. Have a cone after work. Different story. I won't even feel like a beer usually hahah and I wouldn't touch coke without a benzo or a few drinks cause it makes me too edgy.

    It is true. You can never have too much fun without any negative consequences haha! Anything good is bad.

    But yeah mate appreciate the feedback. I reckon you should buy some L-theanine and give it a go with some drinks. Perfect if you wanna have a few drinks after work and not feel hungover in the morning. I for one will never drink without it anymore. You get drunk real fast, but it wears off real fast. So obviously if you're on the sesh for a long time it's not a great idea. But even in the morning when I'm feeling off, I will mix some with water (It actually tastes really nice, has a sweet taste to it) Sometimes makes you cough cause it doesn't dissolve very well (could always put warm water in to help it dissolve to stop that) but yeah I can feel it working its magic in my liver cause its supposed to process alcohol 2x's fast.

    Best use is after sesh or morning. It's the closest you'll get to a xanax/alcohol buzz without doing any harm to yourself. It apparently removes free radicals and protects the liver. I rate it highly for sure.
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