Thread: Was I wrong to call the ambulance? Also lots of anxiety..

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    Was I wrong to call the ambulance? Also lots of anxiety.. 
    This is kind of a two part question and I don't really know how to start this, so I'll start with the background of the story.

    Some years ago when I was in a bad place in my life, I turned to typical "party drugs". I got my life figured out and didn't touch anything for a long time. Now I have a committed relationship with a man who has many positive experiences with mdma and has a lot of knowlage of it.

    He knows I have had bad experiences with drugs before and wanted to re-introduce me slightly to give me good memories of being under the influence and later on we could to it together just so we could share the feeling and go more in debt to our relationship. He did it once (when I was sober) to show me how he reacted and giving me an estimate of how it would be for me. It went great and I came to my own conclusion that I wanted to try it myself.. If he stayed sober so I would have someone to lean on just in case.. and he completely agreed.

    Well, the day came and I was nervous at first, and when I had a difficult come up (lots of puking etc TMI) he stood by my side. I started feeling great and had a super awesome time. I don't know if he got a bit jealous or what, but he wanted to take a bit as well. Even though I told him repeatedly I wanted him to stay sober, he fell for the temptation and did some himself. At the beginning it was fine and we had a great time, but suddenly he fell into deep hallucinations to the point where I couldn't communicate with him. He could not look at me or talk to me and when he did talk, he thought he was at work and tried to bend pipes and shit (in his head). Then, it escalated to him overheating like crazy. He had epileptic looking cramps and he was breathing extremely fast. After a phone call to a good friend, I decided to call an ambulance. They sent a car because he was unable to respond, the fever and the cramps.

    I was so scared I thought he was going to die.

    He fortunately got better at hospital without pumping and all that. After many hours he was well enough to go back home. He was quite upset with me for calling 911 and said it only happened because he took a bit much and I had no need to worry. But I felt I had no choice. I later found out he had benzos in his system as well as the mdma and that might be the reason for the collapse, I don't know.
    He is very sorry for what happened, but says i'ts a normal reaction.

    So... should I not have made the call or just let him ride it out?

    The problem I have now is that I have gotten so much anxiety from it. The first nights I couldn't sleep when he did and I walk around with a bad feeling all the time. Sometimes my anxiety lasts for hours. I don't know how to make it stop, so if you have any suggestions on how to make this easier for me, please share!
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    No, I wouldn't say you were wrong to call 911, but he shouldn't have been so greedy, especially knowing he was on benzos. I know from experience that benzos can give a weird experience when mixed with MDMA - it can be very enjoyable for the participant, but a little unsettling for an observer. Don't be anxious, imagine if you had done nothing and things had got much worse. Just tell him not to be a dick next time.
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    Thanks, I just had no idea what was going on. Also I'll be sure to tell him that next time haha!
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    Normally I'd say no you shouldn't have called, but given the somewhat unique circumstances, you had every right...

    You asked him to stay sober as that was what would make you feel more comfortable and not only does he break that by "just taking a little bit" but he lies about it, takes a large dose along with benzodiazepines, and winds up freaking you out on your first experience with mdma. Then has the nerve to get pissy about it...

    I introduced my girl to mdma back 10yrs ago when we were still in high school (still together I might add, mdma is truly magic but hard work was key) and while I wanted to take mdma at the same time as her I also was extremely cautious and nervous to make sure her experience went perfect. Our first experiences were otherworldly but I was also her guide through them and wouldn't get myself messy enough to not guide her properly.

    I don't think your guy is a bad dude but I'd question why exactly he has been hiding/lying about his drug use. As it just caused a huge incident and he doesn't even see the problem in it..

    Yes it is normal to act the way he did under that combo, but you didn't know he was on that and with previous anxiety over this kinda thing that's not cool. My guess is he was on benzos and then couldn't resist to take a larger than "small" dose as benzos typically make you do stupid shit. He may have a problem with them, idk him enough to make that claim.

    I'd roll with him again but only when he becomes completely open about his drug use and doesn't jeopardize you in that way again.

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    You're right with him taking benzos first and that's probably why he ended taking a high dosage of mdma if any at all. I feel like I portray him as a bad guy, but he was extremely good to me before he got high himself. He does not have much experience with benzoes before so he probably did not know about his judgement being lowered. I also have to say that he does feel horrible now as he has everything out of his system and will not do it again.

    You hit the nail on the head talking about hard work with your girlfriend and we have a good and stable relationshp and he is the only one I could ever think about doing this with, but I think I need some time before doing it again. He has told me mdma is a great gateway to amazing experiences with loved ones and strengthen the relationship, but I need to get my head together before doing it again. And we should talk more about it even though it's a hard subject.

    Thank you for a great answer and giving me some insight. Nice to hear that you guys are still together and I bet she's a lucky girl to have you
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    You had every right to call ambulance no matter what he says.

    If my fiancee would become unresponsive during roll I would call an ambulance although we are quite experienced in rolling and sometimes even end up using amounts that I wouldn't recommend to anyone and even mixing MDMA with other drugs.
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    It's for the best you called the ambulance you never want to take risks with this sort of thing. I had a seizure once while rolling with my friends, and those assholes were too paranoid about calling anyone. So I got to figure out what had happened myself from a bunch of people rolling super hard, and deal with getting an ambulance by myself. Even though he is upset you did the right thing.
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    You were in the right. Imagine if you did nothing and he never woke up. For years I was worried my social worker would find out I'm doing drugs and she happened to call once when I was tripped out. I was so scared that she'd call the ambulance and I might get involuntarily committed somewhere but it turned out she wasn't mad. She told me there are only two circumstances where she would've done that and that is if I was self-harming or unresponsive. Your friend was the latter.
    I too would be upset if I was him but remind him that he's alive to be upset.
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