Thread: (DMT/11mg - NMT/14mg) - Beginner - Enema Formosahuasca (ACRB + Syrian Rue)

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    (DMT/11mg - NMT/14mg) - Beginner - Enema Formosahuasca (ACRB + Syrian Rue) 

    Very mild threshold trip lasting 50 minutes; baseline in one hour
    Warm meditative experience
    Skin crawling sensations
    Able to exercise will during experience and practice breathing techniques(not possible with 3g dose
    NO nausia
    NO vomiting
    NO diarrhea


    3g Syrian rue tea - 30-minute simmer on stove top

    1g A. confusa - 1/7 vinagar-water extraction in oven-range for 1.5hours at 120^C. 1ml vinagar+7.5ml water/gram bark powder. Two pulls in total.

    PH was adjusted to 7 with NaCO3.

    The DMT/NMT estimates are based on information found on the A. confusa wiki.
    I did NOT do a full extraction to crystal form; I only cooked a tea using a weak acid for a better tryptamine pull.


    1. Enema with warm water to clear large intestine
    2. Syrian rue tea enema ingested and held 30 minutes
    3. A. confusa tea enema ingested and held for 30 minutes


    12:35 3g S. Rue tea injected
    Held 30 minutes

    13:14 1g ACRB tea (15ml) injected

    13:27 sweaty feet and tympania signalling DMT kicking in

    13:28 Mild, nearly imperceptible accentuations to ambient sounds.

    13:34 grips me with a warm embrace

    tingly crawling skin

    A dream space influencable by my conscious will

    13:51 peak

    body high

    Physical sensations made their appearance. It seems to be crawling through my body.

    Nice and very mild closed-eye visuals

    14:02 trip weakening

    14:08 trip is pretty much over


    It was more like a somewhat physical lucid dream.

    This is a great dose for a sort of spirit-world meditation, assuming that the ?third eye? is open enough to access that space.

    Breathing techniques such as those used in kriya yoga are possible here. With higher doses of DMT the body high essentially prohibits such practices.

    For those taking harmalas and DMT for things such as depression, addiction or for neurogenesis but do not want a full-on DMT trip, this dosage works.

    A good paper on ayahuasca as a therapy:
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    Interesting. So are the dosages of NMT and DMT estimated then, or did you separate and measure them somehow? I'm curious about the use of low doses of psychedelics to facilitate subtle mental experiences.
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    This is not a method to separate DMT from NMT, nor is it a reliable way to know the exact amount.
    How have you calculated the dose?

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    The estimates are based on the DMT and NMT content of Acacia confusa root bark from the A. confusa wiki.
    I did NOT do a full extraction to crystal form; I only cooked a tea using a weak acid for a better tryptamine pull.
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