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    Endurance Boosting for Martial Arts 
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    First time I've really asked when it comes to sport doping, I am looking for something that'll improve and boost my endurance for martial arts seminars lasting 6-9 hours of intensive training.

    I can't risk anything that'll make me uncoordinated especially as we use weaponry. As well as that I can't use Adderall while I focus up, isn't safe to bump while training because it pushed my BPM to unhealthy levels to train under.
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    As far as stims you could try something like vyvanse with a slower release and a much lower d-amp equivalent. Modafanil would be a potential as well.

    I've really liked high dose beta alanine for endurance although it seems to take about 2 weeks for me to see the full effects.

    Obviously stuff like epo and hormones as well but not sure if you're wanting to go that route.
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    Creatine and beta alanine are your friends. Creatine can be a problem if you are trying to stay in a weight class though.
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    remain and improve stamina 
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    afaik: GABA (not GABA-pentine) holds the gain from muscle training longer intact ---also, don't do body building lifestyle; instead do powertraining+fitness lifestyle
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