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    Music appreciation to another level. 
    Okay so I always wanted to do the mdma + 2cb combo. I read a lot about it, how to time it right etc.

    So today, I dropped some very high quality mdma. Had a fantastic roll, full of love etc. as I started to come down, I took 25mgs of 2CB. And let me tell you this, the music appreciation was on another level. Music has never sounded so beautiful, I was shocked.

    I?m still tripping a bit now, hence the short post. But when I sober up, I?ll write a more thorough report.

    But yes, it?s safe to say that mdma and 2cb combined gives the besy music appreciation
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    Totally envious. Can only imagine. As someone who can have near-spiritual experiences on music without drugs, I?d sure love to ?go there? someday. Phenibut and weed is the closest I?ve gotten for enhanced music so again, can only imagine this combo.
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