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    Drug Identification? 
    Just a bit of a back story, my younger brother has been experimenting with different drugs for the last 2 years. It started with cough medicine, then sneaking prescriptions from family members, extracting caffeine and making poppy tea, to now growing his own fungi and buying xans and other stuff off of friends. I'm really worried about him because I see him moving towards more risky things and I want to make sure he's safe.
    My dog was sniffing a certain area of some cabinets so I opened them and found 2 jars covered by blankets. I was hoping that someone could help me identify them.

    The first one is a tiny amount of liquid in a mason jar, which has two holes poked in the lid. I took a sniff, which was stupid and a bad idea on my part because now my nostrils are burning and I've been coughing. So it would be really helpful to know what it is. It smells almost like rotten kombucha and looks like lemon juice.

    The second one is fucking disgusting. It's another mason jar with corn kernels and a huge wad of fungus or mold. It's fluffy, gray, and black on the top and the bottom half is slighty brown and bumpy. This could be from a syringe he bought a while back that had a mushroom spore in it, but I know that the initial spore was certainly not a psych shroom. I would include a picture but I don't want him to catch me taking it. He got caught last night taking something by my parents so he's on high alert right now.

    He's also been using corn kernels to grow a grass in a plastic tub, passing it off as "growing corn," but I really don't think that's the case. It's also moldy but it looks like regular white/gray mold that would grow on fruit.

    Sorry if this post was all over the place or I sound fucking stupid, but if anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Sketchy little dude sounds like myself ahaha just another natural hussler I guess. And I yeah shrooms more like it it's not crack/meth

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    Getting to the point ...
    We can't tell if the jars have drugs, picklejuice, milkweed, or toothpaste. I'm afraid we can't help with a situation like this. Rather than lead you down a wrong path with random guesses, we're going to close this.

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