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    Accidentally ate 200mg edible 
    Long story short. Bought edible gummy besrs. Ate 2, 3 hours ago as I thought the pack said 10mg each....actually 100mg each. Only just kicking in

    I think I may wet myself from laughing although I think I could be dead but no one is telling me.

    Girlfriend keeps giving me strange looks don?t think she knowS.

    pray for me lol
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    Are you sure they're 100mg thc?

    If so....they're the strongest 'commercial' edibles I've ever heard of

    I'm a longterm smoker with high tolerance and 40mg thc ingested orally would have me tripping for 6 hours plus...and you've had 5 times that apparently

    Enjoy...let us know how you find the experience
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    I think it's having an effect.

    I doubt they're 100mg too.

    You'd fall asleep with such a dose if you haven't consumed edibles for a while or you've consumed something else too.
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    I recently ate a brownie with the equivalent of 4g good herb in it (without knowing this). If the weed was 25% thc thats about 1000mg THC. Lets just say it was the most stoned i've ever been and I had no option but to go to bed, tripping and then sleep for 13 hours, to wake up still very stoned.
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    Well I survived... passed out basically tripping and woke up still baked as fuck. Only really became sober this afternoon...

    Time for a joint....
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentRoller View Post
    Well I survived...

    Time for a joint....
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    i invented , many years ago, a delightful drink.....1g of hash per person in to a saucepan with a knob of butter on low heat this will break down the hash, add enough milk for each person about half a mug simmer for a couple of minutes then add a generous slug of spirit to taste (brandy,whiskey, etc). comes on witin 15 min and lasts 6-8 hours a good giggly high - much fun and adventures have ensued in the past : ))
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    ^ Not a million miles away from a bhang lassie (aside from the booze anyway). We used to make summat similar when hash oil was occasionally abundant only with a few spices added (nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamon and the like). Delish... and deadly above and beyond any other edible I've ever experienced
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    1g of hash?

    I've just had 0.33g of hash decarbed in the microwave at 800w for about 37 seconds and I'm nicely high and I use 'edibles/oral weed' daily.
    Hash due to it's high thc content depends on what it does depending upon what you take with it. Must have been a nice trip with the whiskey I'm guessing.
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