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    Coming off SSRI for MDMA 
    Hello all,

    I?m a long time SSRI user. I have come off them safely tapering many times under doctor supervision.

    How long will I have to be off SSRIs for to make me be able to get high off MDMA? Does anyone have any experience of this and the time frames you have to be off SSRI for the MDMA to work properly?

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    I took fluoxetine for about 3 months and found no problems getting high after another month or two off them.

    But I was not on them for very long and you need to consider the risk of redeveloping the symptoms for which you were prescribed the A/D's in the first place. If you have required the long term use of one of these drugs to get yourself back in balance, an E is among the prime chemical candidates to throw you back off again.
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    Sorry for not answering your question, but we shouldn't arbitrarily exclude the full potential of risks associated with MDMA usage. You can permanently damage your serotonin receptors, your depression can worsen to a much more severe state and even worse if you take fake MDMA or ecstasy that is only in-part MDMA, death or permanent brain damage. It's important to account for all applicable risks when considering taking any drug
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    Many thanks for replies and concerns. To confirm, I use a very small dose of SSRI's to stop a cosmetic issue (flushing and blushing), and i've come off many times without issue.

    I've used MDMA many times without issue, and always ensure I get a clean tested source.

    Would be interested to hear from anyone else who might have done likewise for timescale, was hoping coming off for 4/5 days would be enough!
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    I'm not on SSRIs and would never touch them but it varies from person to person. I heard of people being unable to roll a whole year after stopping SSRIs. Others can get a decent roll within a few weeks.
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