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    LSD, DXM, And A Little Bit Of Datura - Experienced - How To Trip Your Face Off 
    Don' try this. Just don't.

    Pre-Trip Report Details, And Cautionary Disclaimer

    Now that we got that out of the way, I broke my goal of not doing drugs pretty quickly, and pretty ridiculously. I mean, who in the right mind combines these drugs? I used a datura microdose as a potentiator (I'm not carless enough to risk my life just so I can pet a giant spider). A full datura dose is poison, and DPH was enough to sate my curiosity, and to let me know I need never kill myself with darura. Combining datura with two other potent hallucinogens would be just about the worst idea I could think of, but just taking a few seeds can slightly potentiate the effects of many other drugs, and dreams. This is the only safe use of datura. Combining datura with DXM sounds esspecially physically dangerous, and I plead you not do it.


    I hate drinking cough syrup, and I hate popping 20 robo pills just as much. I figured popping 40 pills for this trip would be somehow bad for me, or at least psych me out, so I decided to put the time into an acid base exctraction. Cutting open 40 robo gels is messy work, btw. For more information on this, google DXM acid base extraction, for a myriad of techs. Once the extraction was complete, I was left with a thick resin, which I dissolved in a clementine Izzy. This was hippster lean, and at was awesome. Well... It was actually pretty bitter. I recomended using a higher ratio of Izzy (or if you feeling really hippster, lacroix) to DXM. It was however 100000X better than the best damn cough syrup on the market, with a distinct lack of nausea. A dexers perfect world, and robably not much worse for your body than a night of drinking.

    Trip Report

    Once I'm robotripping, and having quite a good trip at that, I figure the disociation would make an acid trip insane. I had done this once before, and good god was it intense. Almost made me rethink trying it again... Almost.
    This was also my first time robotripping during the day, and the local gathering of hippies that same day made it easy to get a couple tabs of acid. Thankfully I only took one. Last time I did this, I was convinced I was enslaved by a computer that was injecting me with LSD and DXM all night, because I took like 500μg. I was not in the mood for this.

    Once the acid started kicking in I went from chill, mildly psychotic dissociation, with fairly limited visuals, to one of the top 5 most visually intense trips of my entire life. The euphoria was so intense, it was scary. It felt like it had no reason to even exist. No acivity seems like it could be that rewarding, and this is why drugs are bad. It was like my mind exploded into white light that filled me with a euphoria that is simply impossible to convey. Never felt that "high", in the traditional sense. It was past what I even considered feeling like god was. I thought that I made everything, and because of that, it would all be as pleasant as it could possibly be. Like: "I designed this life, so I know it's gonna be awesome!".

    The euphoria was after the freakout stage where I laid on the couch for an hour with my guitar on my head, trying to outlast eternity. What the fuck kind of ego inflation could even do that to someone, I don't know. Drugs like these are suposed to kill your ego, but this trip seemed to stretch it to infinity. I simply thought I was more important than everybody. The complete opposite of profound. But hey, when I looked at anything, it was bending, changing color, flowing, breathing, and generally beautiful. I don't get that from psychs alone anymore. Only the first few times really. Playing music during the trip was super amazing, but everything I played was terrible. Drugs are very strange.


    Would I do this combo again? Hell yes! But I need to be carefull, because eventually it might loose it's magic. Be very carefull if you try this. Expect intensity far beyond what either dose could ever do alone. Also, nighttime is the time for DXM, but this combo worked REALLY well during the day. So, consider taking this during a sun rise, or other brightly colored natural beauty.

    I made a video trip report of my first time trying salvia. Some of you might remember reading the rather comical adventure to Bill Nye's dimension. For those who have never read the report, or simply want to see the report anyway, because you don't like reading or somthing, here is the link:

    Thank you for indulging my irresponsibility!

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    I find tales of excruciating euphoria absolutely fascinating, especially in how each person tried to describe the indescribable. Fascinating! Thanks for taking the time to share.
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    Thank you for taking the time to read/reply! The feeling of having people take intrest in my experiences is probably better than terrifyingly intense euphoria. The euphoria doesn't last forever, and is difficult to replicate. Telling stories on the other hand is far more natural, and more real lifeishly rewarding.

    Also, I don't believe there exists anything indescribable. That's what language is for. Maybe some people shy away from the challenge of putting a perfect description to paper faster than others, but it can be done, and by anyone at that. One day I will perfect my communication using the languages of music and mathematics.
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