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    Antibiotics, Supplements & MDMA? 
    So I’ve been planning on taking MDMA for the first time this weekend, and have been looking forward to the experience. Not only that, I’ve been doing tons of research in the meantime to learn more and prepare.

    I’ve already tested everything with reagents and it all passed. I’ve also purchased supplements to ensure a safe and responsible roll:

    • ALA
    • Magnesium Glycinate
    • L-Theanine
    • Taurine
    • Green Tea/EGCg extract
    • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin C
    • Grapefruit Juice

    Of course now that my trip is only a couple days away and I’m fully prepared, I get hit with a UTI. I’m now prescribed an antibiotic for the next four days: Nitrofurantoin.

    So I looked up the possible reactions with MDMA and this antibiotic on Bluelight’s antibiotics reactions page. According to the thread, it falls under “safe” but with a note:

    “but this may cause oxidative stress and so MDMA would be best avoided”

    Knowing this, I’m curious about the possible reactions while I’m taking all of these supplements, almost all of which are effective in possibly protecting against oxidative stress. I’m taking them with the antibiotics now to be even more on the safe side. Would the supplements protect me both from the effects of the MDMA and the antibiotics together?

    I’ve also seen some information about just taking a lower dose of MDMA than normal just to be on the safe side.

    I’m just curious if anyone has any experience or otherwise helpful advice. If I don’t feel great I won’t be taking it this weekend, but I’d like to have a good time if I do decide to.

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    You?ll be fine and no serious interactions to worry about
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    It wont hurt you at all. Theres no interaction, however, antibiotics kill good AND bad gut flora. Basically, the microbes in your gut that help break down the MD will be slowed a tad. I dont think this will stop your roll, but make sure once all is said and done, that you get a quality probiotic supplement from a good health food store. Use the supplement until its gone to rebuild some of that gut flora. Enjoy!
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    Thanks for your help! I wound up taking it, started at 100mg just to see what my tolerance was and took about 50mg more a little later on. I felt great, absolutely wonderful first time experience. Next time I’ll probably dose higher and not bother with a redose. Don’t feel any hint of a negative comedown as of now, and took a few rounds of supplements along the way. The peace of mind of the supplements was definitely helpful! Magnesium did wonders for the jaw too.
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    Definitely planning on getting some probiotics once the last of these antibiotics are done! Had some stomach upset, but no point in taking any probiotics now since they’re going to get wiped anyway, so I popped some Pepto Bismol tablets in between to help but not inhibit absorption of the supplements or strength of my roll just in case.
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