Thread: 3mmc 5month usage experience

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    3mmc 5month usage experience 
    Been on 3 mmc for quitena while now, getting spasms when trying to sleep because my brain wants to be awake and sends signals to the nerves which resolve into a spasm. Getting dizzy, like a sponge, getting extra hot moments in which i get covered with sweat and 2 minutes after i get cold Af. Jumpy on small things, mad, sad, wanting my "life" back which is a totaly fake one. It got to the point that i have to use it because my body cant endure to be withouth it. So guys... Be rly careful
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    Send me your leftover, unwanted stash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dresden View Post
    Send me your leftover, unwanted stash.
    Lol, we need a like button heheh.
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